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HALSE Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry Halse b. 22 Aug 1794, d. 05 Jan 1849

m. (1) 14 May 1816 Susan Smith b. 28 Aug 1799, d. 11 Aug 1839. 15 children

m. (2) 25 Apr 1846 Christiana Caldicot. No issue.

Thomas Henry was born in Penzance, Cornwall, England, to Thomas and Mary (née Batten) Halse. His marriage to Susan Smith was at St Pancras Old Church, London, England. He died at Waterfall, District of Cradock, Cape Province.

Thomas Henry was a British Settler of 1820, one of the so-called ‘1820 Settlers’. The British Government 1820 scheme was to populate the Eastern Frontier of the old Cape Colony as a buffer against the migration of Bantu westwards into the Colony. He was a wholesale warehouseman living in Finsbury, London at the time of recruitment. He and his wife, Susan, the infant Henry and baby William (who died at sea) traveled as part of Dr. N. Morgan's London party on the ‘ S.S.Ocean’. They left Portsmouth on 1 January 1820 and arrived at Algoa Bay on 15 April 1820. Morgan's party was located to a spot called Beauty Vale at the Blaauwkrantz River, near Grahamstown.

Thomas Henry was Messenger of the Court of the Resident Magistrate, Grahamstown for 19 years, resigning due to ill-health in March 1840. He later became a law agent for John White, butcher, in Cradock. He appears not to have been successful at that; and his health continued to deteriorate in the last few years of his life.

Children of Thomas Henry’s first marriage:

b1. Thomas Henry b. Feb 1817, d. Feb 1817
Died in infancy.

b2. Henry James b. London, 01 Dec 1817, d. Zastron, O. F. S. 06 Jun 1880
m. 25 Apr 1839 Ann Lydia Poultney b. 19 Jun 1819, d. 15 Oct 1895. 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls. One of the girls and one of the boys died in infancy.

Born in England the infant Henry James H. accompanied his parents to the Cape Colony as a member of an 1820 Settler party. Later, with his brother Charles Henry H., he settled on the farm Waterval in the Caledon River district. The farm was the initial site of Smithfield but, due to an inadequate water supply, the town site was moved to another farm.

He was appointed Member of the Council, Orange River Sovereignty, 18 Aug 1850, being the first Englishman to serve. In February 1855 President Hoffman resigned following being accused of high treason. As a result, on 15 Feb 1855 a joint commission of four was elected to act for some months pending the election of a new President. Henry James was one of those 4 members. He played an important part in the political affairs of the Sovereignty for several years.

b3. William b. London 1819, d. at sea 1820
Died in infancy.

b4. Frederick b. Nr. Grahamstown 26 Mar 1821, d. Carnarvon, Halseton 16 Jan 1885
m. 1844 Jane Sarah Poultney b. 14 Jul 1822, d. 01 Jul 1887. 3 children, 2 boys and a girl.

With his 2 sons (Henry Edward c1. and Walter c2.) he settled near Penhoek Pass [Stormberg] about 1860. In c.1865 they moved to Groot Vlei (renamed Carnarvon), Halseton, Eastern Cape, where the Halse family farmed until 2009.

b5. Charles Henry Smith b. Nr. Grahamstown 07 Sep 1822, d. Nr. Smithfield 07 Nov 1853
m. 1851 Eliza Poultney b. Sep 1827, d. 10 Jun 1852. 1 child who died in infancy.

With his brother Henry James H. he settled on the farm Waterval in the Caledon River district. Justice of the Peace for the Orange River Sovereignty 1850-52.

b6. Cordelia b. Jan 1824, d. Sep 1825
Died in infancy.

b7. James Alexander b. 18 Jan 1825, d. Oct 1825
Died in infancy.

b8. Cordelia Susan b. Albany District, 08 May 1826, d. 1907
m. 1845 Henry Hodgson. No known issue.

b9. Frances b. 28 May 1827, d. June 1827
Died in infancy.

b10. Thomas Benjamin b. Albany District 23 Feb 1829, d. 12 Sep 1894
m. (1) Mary Ann Stone (widow). 1 child, a girl.
m. (2) M Coleman. No issue.

b11. Edward William b. 1829, d. Feb 1831
Died in infancy.

b12. Edward Nathaniel b. 1831, d. 02 Jan 1832
Died in infancy.

b13. Eliza Ann b. Albany District 21 May 1833, d. Waterfall (Waterval ?), Nr. Caledon River 22 Dec 1847
Died as a child.

b14. Edmund George b. Albany District 23 Jul 1835, d. 1898
m. Jul 1863 Susan Annandale b. 01 Dec 1842, d. 03 Dec 1878. 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls

b15. James William b. 03 Jun 1837, d. Lady Grey 31 Oct 1901

1. H. J. Halse – His journal. This covers his life until 1871. The original manuscript is lodged with The Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.
2. The Cory Library contains diaries relating to farming affairs on the farm Carnarvon.

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