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Andries Turkstra is geboren op 28-10-1895 in Betterwird (Friesland, The Netherlands), zoon van Jouwert Hessels Turkstra en Jantje Jans Boersma. Andries trouwde, 32 jaar oud, op 21-10-1928 met Hiske Wouters, 24 of 25 jaar oud. Hiske is geboren in 1903.

Kinderen van Andries en Hiske:

1 Hilje Turkstra geboren in 1929.
2 Jouwert Turkstra geboren in 1930.
3 Klaas Turkstra geboren in 1933.
4 Hessel Turkstra geboren in 1935.
5 Jantje Turkstra geboren in 1937.
6 Douwina Turkstra geboren in 1941.

Joukje Turkstra was born on 10-12-1900 in Betterwird (Friesland, The Netherlands), daughter of Jouwert Hessels Turkstra and Jantje Jans Boersma. Joukje died on 26-05-1981 in Potchefstroom, South Africa, aged 80. Joukje married Hendrik Dijkstra. Hendrik was born on 13-08-1899 in Driesum (Friesland, The Netherlands), son of Jacob Ruurds Dijkstra and Antje Dantuma.

Children of Joukje and Hendrik:

1 Geertje (Ge) Dijkstra
2 Jacob Dijkstra on 10-07-1925.
3 Jantje Dijkstra born on 19-07-1926.
4 Jouwert Dijkstra born on 25-07-1927.
5 Antje Dijkstra born on 27-07-1928.
6 Aaltje Dijkstra born on 26-06-1930.
7 Ietje Dijkstra born on 15-04-1934.
8 Hessel Dijkstra born on 03-05-1937.

Hedzer Turkstra was born on 12-12-1902 in Betterwird (Friesland, The Netherlands), son of Jouwert Hessels Turkstra and Jantje Jans Boersma. Hedzer died on 16-04-1976 in Kuilsrivier, South-Africa, aged 73. At the age of 28, Hedzer married Ytje Dijkstra, aged 22, on 14-01-1931 in Dantumadeel (Friesland, The Netherlands). Ytje was born on 05-08-1908 in Driesum (Friesland, The Netherlands), daughter of Jacob Ruurds Dijkstra and Antje Dantuma. Ytje died on 20-02-1979 in Aliwal, South Africa, aged 70.

Children of Hedzer and Ytje:

1 Jouwert Turkstra, born in 1931.
2 Jacob Turkstra born in 1932.
3 Jantje Turkstra, born in 1934.
4 Antje (Anneke) Turkstra, born in 1935.
5 Joukje Turkstra born in 1936.
6 Trijntje Turkstra born in 1939.
7 Wilhelmina Turkstra born in 1941.
8 Hendrik Turkstra born in 1945.

Trijntje (Tine) Turkstra was born in 1907, daughter of Jouwert Hessels Turkstra and Jantje Jans Boersma. Tine married Douwe Kits. Douwe was born on 08-12-1904 in Anjum (Friesland, The Netherlands). Douwe died on 20-09-1979 in HF Verwoerd Hospitaal, Pretoria, aged 74.

Children of Tine and Douwe:

1 Jelte Kits born in 1935.
2 Jantje Kits born in 1936.
3 Anneke Kits born in 1938.
4 Sita Kits born in 1940.

Compiled and submitted by:
Els Thuis.

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