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Surnames H to J

HAAJEM Ole Peter Gregorius Eriksen

In 1882 certain citizens from Norway depart to South Africa. About 30 families made the trip. They settled in Natal, South Africa. Ole HAAJEM’s family was part  of  the group. Ole was born on 22 April 1846 in Borgund, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. 
He was a sea vessel builder. There are Norwegian variants to the surname, like Haahjem and Håhjem. The surname means “warrior”. He was the son of Erik Martinus Olsen and Nille Petersdatter (Née GåsSEIDE). Nille accompanied her son, although she was already in her sixties, making her the oldest passenger on the ship. Nille died in 1901.
Ole arrived with his wife Hendrikke Laurentse Martinsdatter RASMUSSEN
They settled in Natal, South Africa. They created a settlement called Marburg on an area that was given to them by the then British Colonial Government.  It is near the area oday called Port Shepstone.
The couple had the following children:

b1 Edvard Nicholai * 29 September 1871, Norway, † 8 September 1963, Marburg, South Africa, x  Elisa Marie MARTHINUSEN, xx  Marie Sofie FLADAAS

b2 Anna Marie * 1872, Norway, † 1968, Marburg, South Africa, x Hans Arthur LARSON, xx Meyer TUCKELL

b3 Laura Henrietta * 3 June 1874, Norway, † 21 August 1954, Marburg, South Africa

b4 Karl * 3 April 1878, Norway, † 27 July 1944, Marburg, South Africa.  He never married.

b5 Ole Johann * 17 November 1879, Norway, † 12 December 1925, x Inga Ludomilla NERO

b6 Nora Josephine * 23 May 1882, Norway, † 12 May 1952, Marburg, South Africa, x Edward Henry SMITHERS

b7 Regina Lydia * 24 March 1884, Marburg, South Africa, † 1974, New Zealand, x Benjamin Hamilton MATTHEWS

b8 Ludvig Matthaus * 1893,  Marburg, South Africa, † 1971, x Amelia Miriam RATHBONE

Today one would find a cemetery in Marburg, especially created for the descendants of this group from Norway. Most of Ole’s family are buried here.
Ole died on 3 May 1923 and his wife Hendrikke on 11 February 1925, both in Marburg.
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