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Surnames K to M


a1.David Eduard [Edward] born in 1810 in Leipzig, Germany. He died on 06 Nov 1884 in Verulam dist, Northern Natal.

David was employed as Medical Doctor in 1884 in Verulam dist, Northern Natal.
DEPOT; Genealogical Society of SA, Peter Holden_DESCRIPTION; Kretzschmar, DE
Gravestone; STARTING; 1812; ENDING; 18841107
REMARKS; Old Verulam Settler's Cemetery, Verulam, Natal. Compiler: A.Gibb, 1988.
Natal North Coast Museum.
SUMMARY+DE Kretzschmar (MD). Born 1812 in Leipzig; Died; 07-
11-1884. Aged 72 years.

David married Ellen Ann DEVENISH on 18 Jan 1840. Ellen was born on 11 Nov 1821 in Beaufort West dist, Cape Colony. She died on 11 Nov 1905 in Durban Sanatorium, Chelmsford Rd, Berea, Natal.

DEPOT; Genealogical Society of SA, Peter Holden_DESCRIPTION; Kretzschmar, EA - Gravestone.
STARTING; 1821.11.11; ENDING; 1905.11.11_REMARKS; Old Verulam Settler's Cemetery,Verulam, Natal. Compiler: A. Gibb, 1988.
Courtesy: Natal North Coast Museum.
Ellen   Anne   Kretzschmar.   Born; 11-11-1821.   Died; 11-11-1905.


b1.Ellen Charlotte Jemima born on 11 Nov 1840. She was christened on 06 Dec 1840 in Clanwilliam dist, Cape Colony. She died on 05 Dec 1873 in Verulam dist, Northern Natal.

DIXON Ellen; Death; 05 Dec 1873; at her father's residence in Verulam, eldest daughter of Dr Kretzschmar [No other information given]
DEPOT     Genealogical Society of SA, Peter Holden
DESCRIPTION         Dixon, E - Gravestone.
STARTING 1840; ENDING   18731205
REMARKS   Old Verulam Settler's Cemetery, Verulam, Natal. Compiler: A.Gibb, 1988.
Courtesy: Natal North Coast Museum.
SUMMARY; Ellen Dixon, nee   Kretzschmar.   Born   1840.   Died; 05-12-1873. Aged 33 years.
Wife of HE Dixon.

Ellen married Henry Edwin DIXON on 16 Sep 1871.

b2.Gertrude Frances born on 28 Feb 1842. She was christened on 15 Mar 1842 in Wuppertal, Cape Colony. She died before 1905.
Gertrude married William Henry DRAGE on 20 Sep 1862 in Pietermaritzburg Garrison Chapel, Natal. William was born in 1829.
William was employed as Lieut Adjudant The 85th, The King's Light Infantry Regt in 1862 in Fort Napier.

b3.Jemima Charlotte born on 11 Apr 1847. She was christened on 01 Aug 1847 in Beaufort West, Cape Colony. She died on 24 Jun 1911 in Potchefstroom Experimental Farm, Transvaal.
Jemima married William LACON on 06 May 1868 in Durban St Paul's Church, Natal. William was born in 1844.

                Avice LACON .
                Rose Geraldine LACON .

b4.John Archibald Mears born on 02 Sep 1849 in Graaff-Reinet dist, Cape Colony. He was christened on 18 Nov 1849 in Graaff-Reinet St. James Church, Cape Colony. He died on 17 Feb 1926 in Johannesburg General Hospital, Tranvaal. The cause of death was Chronic Ulcerative Cholecystitis. He was buried in Johannesburg New Cemetery [Brixton], Transvaal.
                 Baptism witnesses; Charles Lennox Stretch. Ellen Harriet Devenish. Archiblad Macdermid.
John went back to England. His first son of his second marriage was born there.

Identifier: ZA KAB CSC_2/6/1/127_22_1
Repository: Cape Town Archives Repository
Archivist's notes:
SEE 382/78
John married(2) Alice PATTISON . Alice was born in 1850. She died on 15 Apr 1887 in Durban dist, Natal.

(a2. Archibald Edward David Campbell KRETZSCHMAR - see below.)

b5.Georgina Carolina  born in 1853. She died on 25 Apr 1881.
DEPOT; Genealogical Society of SA, Peter Holden; DESCRIPTION; Shilbrick, G - Gravestone;
STARTING; 1853; ENDING; 1884.04.25_REMARKS; Old Verulam Settler's Cemetery, Verulam,Natal.
Compiler: A Gibb, 1988. Courtesy: Natal North Coast Museum.
SUMMARY;Georgina Shilbrick, nee Kretzschmar. Born 1853. Died 25-04-1884. Aged 31 years.
Wife of Rev. HJ Shilbrick.Mother of Aubrey Basil Shilbrick.
Georgina married Henry John SHILBRICK .

b6.Frederick Edward born on 08 Nov 1856. He died  on 30 Jan 1911 in Bloemfontein National Hospital, OFS. He was buried  in Bloemfontein Memoriam Cemetery, OFS.

Mr [*1854] and Mrs Kretzschmer [*1859] ( No Initials) aged 45 and 40 as well as;_Emily Kretzschmer aged 15 [*1884]_Edith 14 , [*1885]_Thomas 7 [*1892]_George/o 4, [*1895]_and a_Miss Kretchmar age 28 [*1871]__Bound from the Cape to London - Seems to be 1899

Frederick married Martha Sophia THERON on 12 Apr 1882 in Richmond dist, Cape Colony. Martha was born on 16 May 1860 in Richmond dist, Cape Colony, farm 'Wonderboom'. She died on 17 Jun 1901 in Gardens, Cape Town, Hofmeyer Str. She was buried in Observatory Old Cemetery, Cape Town, Cape Province.
                Anna Maria Margaritha married Phillip J VAN DER MERWE
                Davido Eduardo married Anna Maria VAN HEERDEN 
                Ellen Ann Devenish married Johannes Andries ROUX
                Thomas Johannes Theron married Maartje Susanna VAN DER MERWE
                Freda Phillipa born on 14 Sep 1896.

b7.Charles Lennox born in 1859 in Pietermaritzburg dist, Natal. He died on 19 Oct 1935 in Johannesburg dist, Transvaal. Charles Lennox death cert states his pre-deceased wife as EM Kretshcmar and No Children, however his first born child was still born.Both mother Eveline and baby died.. Childstill born 25th and mother 26th July 1888
Charles married Eveline EDWARDS on 20 Oct 1887 in Durban St Cyprian's Church, Natal. Eveline died on 06 Jul 1888.

a2. Archibald Edward David Campbell KRETZSCHMAR  born on 31 Jan 1872 in England. He died on 08 Sep 1958 in Durban Wentworth Hospital, Natal. The cause of death was Cerebral Thombosis. He was buried  in Durban Stellawood Cemetery, Natal.
Archibald was employed 1895 as a Clerk and Trooper in Cape Police.
Archibald married (1) Edith Emily CROUCH on 26 Aug 1895 in Komgha St Paul's Church, Cape Colony. Edith was born in 1861. She died on 15 May 1900 in Port Elizabeth dist, Cape Colony. She was buried in Port Elizabeth Creek Cemetery, Cape Colony.

b1. John Aubrey Vernon born61 on 17 Feb 1899. He died in 1987.
           John resided in 1984 in Durban, Helen Gibling Gardens, Natal.
          John married (1) Susanna Petronella VON MOLENDORFF on 31 Oct 1921 in Durban St Paul's Church, Natal. Susanna was born on            28 Jul 1900. She died on 29 Dec 1959 in Durban Entambeni Hospital, Natal. She was buried in Durban Stellawood Cemetery, Natal.

                Phyllis Joan.
                Edith Emily 
married Petrus Jacobus Daniel VAN DEN HEEVER.
                Gweniveve Mary.
                Ottilie Elizabeth.
                Ottilie married (1) Frederick Henry HAYWARD.The marriage ended in divorce.
                Ottilie married (2) Michael Josias WOODS.
                Ruby Evelyn.

b1. John Aubrey Vernon married (2) Maria Magdalena Catharina VAN ROOYEN . Maria was born72 on 10 Nov 1897.

a2.Archibald Edward David Campbell married (2) Elizabeth Rose DE LABATOUCHE in Port Eliabeth, Cape . Elizabeth was born on 25 Jan 1883 in Grahamstown dist, Cape Colony. She died on 13 Jun 1942 in Durban dist, Natal, Cromwell Rd. She was buried in Durban Stellawood Cemetery, Natal.

b2.Cyril Leonard  born on 26 Aug 1902.
                Cyril married Lucy May HUTCHINSON . Lucy was born on 27 Sep 1911.
                Arthur Ronald.

b3. Ethel Gwendoline Avice born on 26 Dec 1903. She died on 18 May 1994. She was buried in Durban Stellawood Cemetery, Natal.
                Ethel married SMITH .

b4. Norman Harding born on 04 Nov 1905. He died on 08 Feb 1963 in East London, Cape Province. The cause of death was Coronary                      Thombosis. He was buried in Cambridge Crematorium, East London, Cape Province.
                   Identifier: ZA KAB HAEC_1/2/6/1/21_121/1937_1
                   Repository: Cape Town Archives Repository.

b5. Genevieve Heloise Rowena born on 20 Apr 1907. She was christened on 26 Jan 1908 in Fordsburg Christ Church, Johannesburg, Transvaal.
                Genevieve married Hendrik Johannes TRYTSMAN on 09 Jul 1932 in Durban St Paul's Church, Natal.

b6. Barbara Josephine Constance born in 1909.
                Barbara married John HANCOCK on 10 Jun 1933 in Durban St Paul's Church, Natal. John was born in 1903.

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