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DOEKSTEEN Johann Jacob

Johann Jacob DOEKSTEEN arrived at the Cape in 1742 as a soldier from Maagdeburg. He became a sergeant in 1752. He married at Cape Town 18 February 1753 Sara A de Haan, daughter of Ibrahim de Haan and Helena Valentyn. (de Haan was a descendant of Rajah van Tambora, and Valentyn was from slave descent).
He married the second time 27 June 1756 Cornelia Elizabeth Lamprecht.
The third time he married 9 November 1760 Catharina Dorothea Kress van de Kaap, she was the daughter of Johan Peter Kress and Rachel de May van de Kaap.
The fourth time he married 1 December 1768 Dorothea van de Kaap.
The fifth time he married 16 September 1773 Geertruyda du Toit widow of Andreas Schmidt.


b1 Helena Margaretha baptised 22 Jul 1753
b2 Louisa Barbara baptised 16 Nov 1754
b3 Johannes Christiaan baptised 3 Feb 1765
b4 Christoffel Jacobus baptised 3 Feb 1765

He died 25 May 1783. Geertruyda du Toit then married Fransiscus Johannes van Heerden (all her children are recorded in KAB Vol 2/1 no 52)

A van Rensburg

Note: Demornay du Toit supplied the following information (November 2008): "Stamouers" gives the date of death of Johann Jacob Doeksteen as 25th May 1783, but the NAAIRS entry (from the database of the SA Genealogical Society on Gravestones) reads as follows:  Doeksteen, JJ - Gravestone. Somerset Road Cemetery, Cape Town, Cape. Compilers: M Cairns, DG Boonzaaier and C Graham Botha, 1907. Courtesy: Cape Archives Depot (Accession 397): Jan Jacob Doeksteen. Born 05-11-1719. Died 05-05-1782.

We must, however, assume that this gravestone date of death is a mistaken transcription since the Death Listing maintained by the Dutch East India Company Government (Cape Archives MOOC 6-1 vol 2, page 83) lists: Anno 1783, [woonplaats:] Caab, Den Eerste geweldiger Jan Jacop Doeksteen - 25 Maij, B[urger]. (Richard Ball - November 2008)

Geweldiger: fiscaal"s subordinate, in charge of Cape Town"s police
as defined in: Cape of torments, Slavery and resistance in South Africa, by Robert ROSS
published in 1983 by Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, found in Leiden University Libray"s Digital Repository


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