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Surnames D to G


Born: Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England 13/12/1821; Baptised: Stratfield Saye Church, 18/3/1821 (by J Briscale)
Died: Port Elizabeth South Africa, 16/10/1889 (Age 68 years 8 months and 3 days)
Son of: JOHN DOLLERY -Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England (1801) to Hampshire (1886) and HANNAH GRIGG – Odiham, England (1801) – England (1836) Married Odiham, Hampshire, England on 7/4/1817
Married on 4/6/1816 at St Leonards Church, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
ELIZABETH WHALL on 11/9/1851 at the Union Chapel Church, Chapel Street, Port Elizabeth
Born: Stepney, Middlesex, England 16/1/1829; Baptised: St Pauls, Shadwell, London, England 30/10/1836 (by W W Lutyens)
Died: Port Elizabeth South Africa 20/6/1903 (Age 74 years 5 months and 4 days)
Daughter of: SAMUEL WHALL: Norwich, Norfolk England (30/6/1791) – Zuurburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa (29/12/1863) and ANN BARKER England (1789) – Stepney Middlesex, England (16/6/1849)

Both James and Elizabeth are buried in the Dollery Family Plot in South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth


b1. JOHN 
Born Port Elizabeth 14/1/1852; Baptised Union Chapel, Port Elizabeth (not sure of date); Died Port Elizabeth 31/12/1912; Buried Family Plot, South End Port Elizabeth
(Married: Methodist Church, Port Elizabeth 0n 11/12/1875)
Born Grahamstown 12/12/1853; Baptised Grahamstown 1/2/1854; Died Port Elizabeth 10/8/1943; Buried Family Plot, South End, Port Elizabeth
Other Info John was a Partner is the very successful firm of John Dollery & Fettes, Building Contractors

b2. JAMES 
Born Port Elizabeth, 19/11/1853; Died Port Elizabeth, 19/11/1853

Born At sea, aboard the “Isabella Peek” En route to Australia 5/12/1854; Baptised Geelong, Victoria, Australia 21/1/1855; Died Port Elizabeth 16/2/1915 Port Elizabeth, 
Buried Family Plot, South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth
married to JANE ELLA GOUGH
Born ek” Port Elizabeth, 11/2/1861; Baptised Unknown; Died Port Elizabeth, 13/1/1930; Buried Family Plot, South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth
Other Info Samuel was a partner in a firm called S J Dollery and Strang, (Carpenters, Joiners and General Contractors. They built the Main Public Library in Port Elizabeth which was declared a National Monument in 1988

Born Geelong, Victoria, Australia 8/2/1857; Died Geelong, Victoria, Australia 2/2/1858; Buried Geelong, Victoria, Australia 

Born Geelong, Victoria, Australia 17/3/1859; Died Geelong, Victoria, Australia 21/1/1860; Buried Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Born Geelong, Victoria, Australia 27/1/1861; Died Geelong, Victoria, Australia 21/3/1865; Buried Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Born Port Elizabeth, South Africa 18/12/1864; Died Port Elizabeth, South Africa 18/12/1864; Buried Unknown

b8. SARAH JANE  (Never married)
Born Port Elizabeth, South Africa 30/11/1866; Baptised Port Elizabeth 6/1/1867 (by J Richards); Died Port Elizabeth 1/4/1951
Buried Family Plot of her Parents in South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth

Born Port Elizabeth, 12/12/1868; Died 21/6/1926
(Married: Port Elizabeth, South Africa 9/11/1891)
Born Port Elizabeth, 28/2/1867; Died 26/2/1952

Born Port Elizabeth, South Africa 21/8/1870; Died Port Elizabeth, South Africa 22/8/1870

Born Port Elizabeth, South Africa 17/9/1873; Died Port Elizabeth, South Africa 28/10/1948; Buried Dollery Family Plot, South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth
(Married: Port Elizabeth, South Africa 26/12/1906)
Born Port Elizabeth, South Africa 19/12/1886; Died Port Elizabeth, South Africa 17/12/1917
Buried Dollery Family Plot, South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth

 Additional data:

James Dollery was born on 13 February 1821 in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England. He was baptised at the Stratfield Saye Church on 18 March 1821 by J. Briscale.
(His Father, John Dollery (1801 - 1871) was from Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England and married Hannah Grigg in 1817, when he was just 16. They already had a daughter by that time and James was the 4th of 9 children. Hannah died between April 1835 and July 1839 and John married Elizabeth Serle in July 1839. There appears to be no children from this marriage. We are not sure what happened to Elizabeth Serle but in 1867 John was married for a third time to Jane Hatt who was his spouse at the time of his death sometime between July and September 1886.)

In 1849 he emigrated to South Africa aboard the "Duke of Roxburgh". On this ship was also his future wife Elizabeth Whall of Stepney, Middlesex, who came to South Africa with her family.

He settled in Port Elizabeth (Algoa Bay) and married Elizabeth on 11 September 1851 at the Union Chapel, Chapel Street, Port Elizabeth.

Together they had 11 children - 5 Sons and 6 Daughters.

In October 1854 they left the Cape Colony with their 2 sons John and James for Australia, aboard the Ship “Isabella Peek”. Their 3rd son Samuel James was born at sea on 5 December 1854. They arrived in Port Phillip Bay, Australia on 6 December 1854. They travelled to and stayed in New Town, near Geelong, Victoria Australia. While there they had 3 more children Ann Elizabeth, Charles, and Edith (All 3 died as infants or toddlers in Australia)

In 1864 the family returned to Port Elizabeth from Geelong by sea, (name of ship not known) travelling 5,430 miles. Elizabeth was probably pregnant with their daughter Edith who was born, and died, on 18 December 1864, in Port Elizabeth. They lived at 48 Campbell Street, Port Elizabeth and had 4 more children.

James was a bricklayer by trade, and he became a Master Builder in South Africa, owning his own business in Port Elizabeth.

From April 1883 James, Elizabeth and their 3 youngest children Sarah Jane (17), Georgina Ann (15) ,and James Alfred (10), visited James' father John Dollery in Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, England until September 1886.

It is believed James suffered from Acute Gout and had an operation on his toe which turned gangrenous from which he never healed. He died on 16 October 1889 aged only 68 years and 8 months.

His tombstone was imported from England in 7 pieces, by his devoted wife and family.

The funeral was performed by Milton Villa Funerals from his home in Campbell Street, Port Elizabeth and he was buried in the Family Plot at South End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth, on 17 October 1889.

His epitaph reads:
"Afflictions sore longtime I bore
Physicians were in vain
"Til Christ the Chief gave me relief
And eased me of my pain"

Any query or additional data may be sent to Anna-Marie Dollery.

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