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Johann NEFDT: He was born in Fahr, Germany in 1765. He arrived at Cape Town in the employ of the VOC as a soldier in 1786. He was loaned as a tailor in 1787, later released from service and took up residence in Cape Town as a tailor. He married Hermina BENADE on 23 October 1791.

They had 4 children:
b1 Johannes Phillipus NEFDT - born 1795, X 28 Sep 1817 Eva Maria Ungerer
b2 Hermanus Paulus Diederick NEFDT - born 1797, X 1817/1819 Sarah Herold
b3 Hendrick Matthys NEFDT - born 1799, X 15 Sep 1824 Johanna Christina Kok
b4 George Frederick NEFDT - born 1803, X 26 Dec 1829 Anna Margeretha Van Der Vyver


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