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Pieter ERASMUS came to South Africa in 1693. In the Cape records he appears as Pieter den Deen. He farmed on the farm "Groenkloof" in Wagenmakersvallei (Wellington), this fell in the sub-district of Drakenstein. He got this farm 28 Feb 1699, however since he was not in favour of van der Stel he only obtained his title in 1714. He had this farm until his death. He died 1731. Pieter married 1697 Maria Elizabeth JOOSTE who died September 1723. They were married in 1697.

His farm was next to Baren Blom"s, please note some printed material gives the wrong farm as belonging to Erasmus, it was not the farm in Drakenstein. They had a farm De Groenenbergh on the Krommerivier in the Wagenmakersvalleij (this farm is today known as Onverwacht, Bovlei)

b1 Rasmus baptised Paarl 21 Sep 1698, X 4 Nov 1725 Susanna Jacobs
b2 Maria Hanna baptised 25 Oct 1699
b3 Lourens baptised 22 Jun 1704, X 9 Dec 1731 Martha Pienaar
b4 Catharina baptised 24 Jan 1706, X 12 Aug 1725 Johannes Mulder, XX Jun 1732 Roelof van den Burg
b5 Larius baptised 6 Feb 1707
b6 Jacob, X Paarl 4 Aug 1737 Sara de Klerk

Toe die Inventaris geneem was nadat Maria dood was in 1723 word die volgende persone gegee as hulle kinders:
Erasmus Pieter - 25 jaar oud
Ester - 20 jaar oud
Lourens - 19 jaar oud
Catharina - 18 jaar oud
Laris - 17 jaar oud
Jacob - 16 jaar oud

Let op dat meeste bronne meld nie Ester as "n dogter nie. Volgens die Inventaris moes die dogter Maria Hanna voor haar moeder gesterwe het.

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