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Surnames V to Z


1 Johannes Or Stephanus ZIERVOGEL
Birth: Possibly Sweden
Death: aft 1570, Possibly Germanyin 1519 he left Sweden for Germany

Children: Stephanus (1570-1623)

1.1 Stephanus ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 9 Mar 1570
Death: 26 Jan 1623
Burial: Evangelical Church,Helbra, Nr Mansfeld, Saxony, Ger
Occ: Country Judge & Inspector Of Mines

In the Evangelical country, at the Helbra church near Mansfeld is a tombstone with along epitaph which says among other things: "Here is the place of rest of Sephanus Ziervogel, country judge and inspector of mines, born on the 9th of March 1570 and died on the 26th of January 1623 in the age of 52 years." The position of the tomb in the churchyard of the Evangelical Church of Germany, Helbra was in contrast to the others in that it faces the north. Far and wide the tomb was known as the "Swedish Tomb". Stephanus Ziervogel was buried facing north to Sweden due to his grief on the departure to Sweden of his favourite grandson Samuel. The tombstone is decorated with an escutcheon. This tombstone in near Maansfeld, Saxony (Prussia), Germany

Children: Martin (-1625)

1.1.1 Martin ZIERVOGEL
Death: 1625
Occ: Slate Miner In Mansfeld, Germany Miner, Emigrated to Sweden in 1620

Spouse: Magareta KRAFT
Death: aft 1672

Children: Samuel (1616-1672) Samuel ZIERVOGEL*
Birth: 16 Sep 1616, Eisleben, Mansfeld, Province Of Saxony, Germany
Death: 29 Jan 1672, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Occ: Pharmacist To Swedish Court

Pharmacist at Halle, Leipzig and Dresden. In 1647 he was appointed pharmacist to the dowager queen Maria Eleonora of Sweden, while she resided in Stettin, and followed her in 1648 to Sweden. After her death in 1655 he took over the pharmacy "The Swan" in Stockholm from Casper Schps.

Spouse: Abigail KRMER
Birth: Schleswig-Holstein
Death: 1652 Marr: 19 Dec 1650

Other spouses: Brigitta ROTHLBEN, Justina Sophia JUNG Samuel ZIERVOGEL* (See above)
Spouse: Brigitta ROTHLBEN Birth: 10 Nov 1627
Death: 16 Apr 1665
Marr: 13 Jan 1655

Children: Johann Martin (1657-1701)
Samuel (1659-)
Christian Friedrich (1660-)
Samuel (1661-)
Casper (1663-1701)
Jochim (1665-1710)

Other spouses: Abigail KRMER, Justina Sophia JUNG Johann Martin ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 14 Mar 1657, Stockholm, Sweden
Chr: 19 Mar 1657, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 23 Feb 1701, Lais, Livland
Occ: Doctor Of Medicine

Doctor of medicine at Leiden, Holland, in 1679, practised medicine in Stockholm from 1680, court doctor in 1693, ennobled in 1698 with the name Rothlben, followed King Charles XII to the war in Livonia and died there. Samuel ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1659
Chr: 13 Jun 1659, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden Christian Friedrich ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1660
Chr: 17 Jun 1660, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden Samuel ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1661
Chr: 1 Nov 1661, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden Casper ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1663
Chr: 20 Apr 1663, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 21 Feb 1701, Winter Camp, Lais, Livonia
Burial: Skokloster Occ: Pharmacist

Pharmacist in Stockholm, followed the army in the 1700 war in Livonia.

Children: Brita Eleonora (1691-1757) Brita Eleonora ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 3 Nov 1691, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 1 Jul 1757, Nicolai, Stockholm, Sweden

Spouse: _____ GEORGII

Children: Carl Fredrik (1715-1795) Carl Fredrik GEORGII
Birth: 1715, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 12 Apr 1795, Uppsala Domkyrkofs, Sweden

Children: Per Evert (1759-1808) Per Evert GEORGII
Birth: 20 Aug 1759, Uppsala Domkyrkofs, Sweden
Death: 2 Dec 1808, Stockholm Klara, Sweden

Children: Carl Peter (1787-1837) Carl Peter GEORGII
Birth: 5 May 1787, Abo, ?Sweden
Death: 9 Mar 1837

Children: Marie Charlotte Matilde (1825-1869) Jochim ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1665
Chr: 7 Apr 1665, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 1710, Of The Plague
Occ: Surgeon To The Royal Court

Died of the plague. Surgeon to the royal court, regimental surgeon at the Sdermanland Infantry regiment. Samuel ZIERVOGEL* (See above)
Spouse: Justina Sophia JUNG
Birth: 1 Dec 1646
Death: 14 Jan 1710, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Father: Melchior JUNG
Marr: 22 Jan 1667, Stockholm Katarina, Sweden

Children: Samuel (1669-1729)

Other spouses: Abigail KRMER, Brigitta ROTHLBEN Samuel ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 22 Dec 1669, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Chr: 24 Dec 1669, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 24 Dec 1729, Moskva
Occ: Pharmacist Pharmacist in Stockholm, Sweden. Pharmacist of the Swedish army, prisoner of war at Poltava in Russia in 1709, spent several years in Moscow.

Spouse: Anna Barbara STRAUCH
Birth: 27 Jul 1679, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 22 Jun 1749, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Father: Aegidius STRAUCH (1647-1709)
Mother: Elisabeth BEZELIA (~1658-1709)
Marr: 28 Apr 1696, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden

Children: AEgidius (1697-1741) AEgidius ZIERVGEL
Birth: 28 Mar 1697, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 28 Jul 1741, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Occ: Pharmacist to the Royal Court Military:

Pharmacist in Sweden then with the Swedish army. Taken prisoner of war at Poltava in Russia in1709, and spent several years in Russia

Spouse: Margareta Elisabeth RIBE
Birth: abt 1706
Chr: 31 Jul 1706, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden
Death: 22 Dec 1743, Stockholm Tyska, Sweden Father: Ewald RIBE (1667-1753)
Mother: Augusta Elisabeth GRILL (1681-1727)
Marr: 8 May 1726, Stockholm, Sweden

Children: Friedrich (1727-1792)
Ewald Benedictus (1728-1765)
Samuel "Frederik" (1730-1797)
Ulrica Eleonora (1732-1803) Friedrich ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 21 Jun 1727, Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 26 Sep 1792, Uppsala, Sweden
Occ: Pharmacist to the Royal Court in Stockholm Ewald Benedictus ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 23 Sep 1728, Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 13 Jun 1765, Uppsala, Sweden
Occ: Author & Librarian At Royal Academy, Uppsala, Sweden Professor in Literary History at University of Uppsala. Librarian at University of Uppsala and famous coin collector. Ewald Ziervogel was a professor at the University of Uppsala. Amongst other things he made a map of the whole of Africa.

Spouse: Anna Christina HULTMAN
Birth: abt 1732
Father: Carl Nicolas HULTMAN Professor (1700-1770)
Mother: Brigitta WFLING (1714-1745)
Marr: Uppsala, Sweden

Children: Elisabeth Brigitta Christina (1752-)
Samuel Frederik "Ziererik" (1756-)
Carel Ewald (1756-1803)
Aegidius Benedictus (1762-1818)
Christina Juliana "Ulrica" (1768-1832) Elisabeth Brigitta Christina ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1752, Uppsala, Sweden
Spouse: Andries HERBERG
Occ: Professor of Law His surname is also given as Hemberg. Samuel Frederik "Ziererik" ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1756
Death: Stockholm, Sweden
Occ: Secretary to the Court of Law in Sweden in1803
Educ: Edinburgh, Scotland

Secretary to the Court of Law in Sweden in1803. He was unmarried. He was a student In Edinburgh, Scotland Carel Ewald ZIERVGEL *
Birth: 14 Dec 1756, Uppsala, Sweden
Death: 26 Jun 1803, Cape Town, South Africa

Came to the Cape in 1777 Originally from Stockholm. He came with his brother Aegidius Benedictus and cousin, Carel Ziervogel. After having learnt business methods, he left Sweden in 1776 and settled in South Africa at the Cape of Good Hope, went into business there. I have record of his date of birth being 8 Jan 1760 He emigrated to South Africa arriving on 4th August 1779

Spouse: Catherina CARELZE
Death: bef 1797, Cape Town
Marr: 2 Jul 1780, Cape Town

Children: Carel Johan (1780-)
Daniel Reiniar (1782-)
Catharina Juliana (1790-)

Other spouses: Maria Anna Tante Christje AURET Carel Johan ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 22 Jul 1780, Cape
Chr: 29 Jul 1780, Cape Town, Cape Colony
Death: died young Daniel Reiniar ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 13 Feb 1782, Cape Town, Cape Of Good Hope
Death: died young Catharina Juliana ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1 Apr 1790, Cape Town
Chr: 4 Apr 1790, Cape Town, Cape Of Good Hope

Spouse: Petrus AURET
Birth: abt 1783
Chr: 14 Sep 1783
Father: Jeremias AURET (1749-1794)
Mother: Christina Hendrina RUSSOUW DE WIT (1748-1818)
Marr: 25 Sep 1808, Cape Town, Cape Of Good Hope Carel Ewald ZIERVOGEL* (See above)

Spouse: Maria Anna Tante Christje AURET Birth: 1778, Cape Town, South Africa
Chr: 2 Oct 1778, Cape Town
Death: 8 Jan 1806
Father: Jeremias AURET (1749-1794)
Mother: Christina Hendrina RUSSOUW DE WIT (1748-1818)
Marr: 19 Mar 1797, "Huwelikshof", Cape Town, South Africa

Christina Johanna (1798-)
Carel Benedictus (1799-1884)
Jeremias Frederik (1802-1882)
Other spouses: Catherina CARELZE Christina Johanna ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 8 Jan 1798, Cape Town, Cape Of Good Hope
Chr: 14 Jan 1798 Looked after by her aunt and uncle, when orphaned, together with her brothers, Jeremias Fredrik and Carel Benedictus Ziervogel. His aunt was his mother"s sister, Beatrix and his uncle, his father"s brother, Egidius. Moved to England

Spouse: Alexander MENZIES Birth: 1798, Edinburgh, Scotland
Death: bef 15 Oct 1837, India
Occ: First Ship"s surgeon of the 21st Dragoniers He was the first ships surgeon of the 21st Regiment Dragoniers. Later he was in service with the Dutch East India Company. After his marriage to Christina Johanna Ziervogel, they left for Bengal. He was from Edinburgh, Schotland. He was the assistant surgeon of the 21st Light Dragoons and served in South Africa from 1811-1817. On the 4 Feb 1815, he was at Klappmuts. On the 5 Jul 1817 he was at Saldanha Bay. He arrived at Saldanha Bay in the ship Lord Castlereagh. The 21st Light Dragoons left for india in June 1817
Marr: 14 Jul 1817, By The Rev. Houg

Margaret (1818-)
one son Carel Benedictus ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 4 Sep 1799, Cape Town, Cape Colony
Death: 23 Oct 1884, at his home, Graaff Reinet, South Africa
Occ: Businessman In Graaff-Reinet Looked after by his aunt and uncle, when orphaned, together with his brother, Jeremias Fredrik Ziervogel and sister Christina Johanna. His aunt was his mother"s sister, Beatrix and his uncle, his father"s brother, Egidius.

Spouse: Elsje Maria "Elsie" MYBURGH
Birth: 17 Oct 1810, Agter Sneeuwberg, Cradock, South Africa
Chr: 26 Dec 1810
Death: 9 Dec 1897
Father: Albert Lambert MYBURGH (1788-1849)
Mother: Martje Maria "Martha" VAN HEERDEN (-1843)
Marr: 1 Dec 1827, Cradock, South Africa

Martha Maria (1828-1883)
Maria Anna (1830-1890)
Elsje Catharina (1833-1842)
Anna Elizabeth (1835-1836)
Carel Ewald (1837-1898)
Albert (1844-1930)
Carl Emile (->1884) Jeremias Frederik ZIERVGEL
Birth: 26 Apr 1802, Cape Town, South Africa
Death: 1882, Pretoria, South Africa
Occ: Member of Parliament for Graaff-Reinet Educ: Tot-Nut School, Cape Town Looked after by his aunt and uncle, when orphaned, together with his brother, Carel Benedictus Ziervogel and sister Christina Johanna. His aunt was his mother"s sister, Beatrix and his uncle, his father"s brother, Egidius. Member of The Cape Parliament for Graaff-Reinet 1854-73 After his retirement from parliament he settled in Pretoria, Transvaal where he died in 1882 aged 80, being a bank manager. he had a large family. (from Audrey Staples" document "Old Cape Families")

Spouse: Anna Susanna MAR
Birth: 3 Jul 1806, Tulbagh, Cape Of Good Hope
Death: 14 Jan 1895, Stellenbosch, Cape Of Good Hope
Father: Jacob Philipus MAR (1761-)
Mother: Sara Susanna DU TOIT (1765-)
Marr: 1 Mar 1824, Cradock, Cape

Carel Frederik (1825-1896)
Jakob Philippus (1827-)
Maria Anna (1830-1918)
Anna Susanna (1832-1909)
Jeremias Frederik (1834-1905)
Christina Johanna (1839-)
Sara Susanna Mynhardus Aegidius Benedictus ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 21 Aug 1762, Uppsala, Sweden
Death: 15 Jun 1818, South Africa
Occ: Sworn Translator & Interpretor In The Admiralty Court
Reli: Lutheran First postman in South Africa. Looked after the orphaned children of his brother, ie. Christina Johanna, Carel Benedictus and Jeremias Fredrik Ziervogel. His brother came to the Cape in 1777 Originally from Upsala. He came with his brother Carel Ewald and cousin, Carel Ziervogel. He left Sweden in 1786 and moved to Amsterdam to learn trading, and in 1787 continued to South Africa, where he later went into business with his brother Carel Ewald. He emigrated to South Africa in 1779, with his brother, Carel Ewald and cousin Carel.

Spouse: Beatrix AURET
Birth: 27 Nov 1776
Chr: 30 Nov 1776
Death: 2 Oct 1852, Greenpoint, Cape Town
Father: Jeremias AURET (1749-1794)
Mother: Christina Hendrina RUSSOUW DE WIT (1748-1818) Looked after the orphaned children of her sister, ie. Christina Johanna, Carel Benedictus and Jeremias Fredrik Ziervogel.
Marr: 25 May 1800, Cape Town

Anna Maria (1804-) Anna Maria ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 23 Feb 1804, Cape Town, Cape Colony
Chr: 26 Feb 1804, Cape Town, Cape Colony

Spouse: Fredrik Stephanus Joubert WATERMEYER
Birth: 25 Feb 1797
Death: 31 May 1847, Cape Town
Father: Gottfried Andries "Andreas" WATERMEYER (1763-1832)
Mother: Margaretha JOUBERT
Marr: 12 Aug 1821, Stellenbosch, Cape Of Good Hope

Gottlieb Or Gottfried Andreas (1822-)
Egidius Benedictus (1824-1867)
Frederick Stephanus (1828-1864)
Beatrice (1829-)
Ewald Benedictus (1830-)
George Jacobus (1830-)
Anna Maria (1831-)
Andreas Joubert (1834-)
Margaret (1835-)
Christiaan Johannes (1840-1874)
Charles Philip (1842-1893) Christina Juliana "Ulrica" ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1768, Or 1753
Death: 1832

Spouse: Johan Fredrich VON ZIEPEL Captain
Birth: 2 Aug 1755, Frankfurt
Death: 1818
Occ: Military Captain
Father: Johann Gottfried VON ZIEPEL
Marr: 2 Feb 1792, Lingonbacka Bruk, Jrlasa Sn

Carl Samuel Fredrik (1793-1849) Carl Samuel Fredrik VON ZIEPEL
Birth: 22 Mar 1793
Chr: 2 Apr 1793
Death: 1849

Spouse: Fredrika Wilhelmina HAEFFNER
Birth: 1792
Death: 1862
Father: Johan Christian Friedrich HAEFFNER
Mother: Gertrud Elisabeth FORSSELIUS
Marr: 1816

Martin Theodor Constantin (1829-1911) Samuel "Frederik" ZIERVOGEL Professor
Birth: 8 May 1730, Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 2 May 1797, Uppsala, Sweden
Occ: Professor Of Medicine At Uppsala University
Children: Carel Samuel Fredrikzoon (1773-1819) Carel Samuel Fredrikzoon ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 15 Jul 1773, Karlskrona, Sweden
Death: 1 Jan 1819, Cape Town, Cape Of Good Hope He arrived at the Cape on 4 August 1799 from East India He emigrated to South Africa in 1780 with his two cousins

Spouse: Johanna Hillegonda HEYDENREICH
Birth: 1777 Chr: 7 Dec 1777
Death: 5 Dec 1822
Father: Johan "Jan" Ernst HEYDENREICH (1751-1815)
Mother: Francina Helena KOTZE (1747-1801)
Marr: 21 Jun 1801, Cape Town

Helena Elizabeth (1803-1867)
Anna Beatrix (1805-1868)
Anna Maria Hendrina (1807-)
Carl Johan Catherine Johanna Dirk Jacobus Johannes (1810-)
Susanna Fransina Johanna (1812-) Helena Elizabeth ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 2 May 1803
Chr: 8 May 1803
Death: 25 Jun 1867 Her godfather was George Rex, of Knysna

Spouse: Robert Paul Loftus OWEN
Death: 25 Oct 1860
Father: Robert OWEN
Mother: Jeanetta Louisa URI
Marr: 13 Jan 1828

Johanna Hillegonda Caroline (1828-1900)
Christina Elizabeth Beatrice "Chrissie" (1830-1899)
Jeanetta Louisa Frederika "Lou" (1832-)
Helena Dorothea "Len" (1834-1875)
Robert Paul Lodewyk (1835-)
Charles David Wehr (1837-1913)
Anna Susanna Frederika (1838-)
Paul Uri (1841-1875)
Anna Frederika (1844-1896)
Christiaan (1846-)
Jeanette Carolina Maria "Carrie" (1847-1931) Anna Beatrix ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1805
Chr: 2 Jun 1806
Death: 7 Mar 1868, Swellendam, Cape

Spouse: Christiaan Johannes DE JONGH
Birth: 1806
Chr: 19 Oct 1806, Cape Town
Father: Hendrik DE JONGH
Mother: Christina Johanna WIJD Marr: 22 Oct 1831 Anna Maria Hendrina ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1807
Chr: 27 Sep 1807 Carl Johan ZIERVOGEL Catherine Johanna ZIERVOGEL Dirk Jacobus Johannes ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1810
Chr: 17 Apr 1810, Lutheran Church, Cape Town Susanna Fransina Johanna ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 1812 Chr: 5 May 1812, Cape Town

Spouse: Arnoldus Johannes SMIT
Birth: 3 Apr 1811
Chr: 4 Apr 1811
Father: Floris SMIT
Mother: Johanna Catharina BASSON
Marr: abt 1835
Children: 4 Children Ulrica Eleonora ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 20 Sep 1732, Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 4 Aug 1803, Stockholm, Sweden

1.1.2 Barbado ZIERVOGEL
Birth: Saxony, Germany Founder of the German line of Ziervogels Line now extinct.
Children: Samuel (1629-) Samuel ZIERVOGEL
Birth: 5 Feb 1629, Eiseleben, Mansfeld, Germany
Occ: Founder Of The German Ziervogel Family It is reported that he had two sons or grandsons who emigrated to South Afica with the DEIC in 1708.
Children: 2 Sons 2 Sons ZIERVOGEL
Occ: Emigrated To South Africa In 1807

1.1.3 Stephan ZIERVOGEL
Occ: Unmarried


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