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Surnames V to Z


Giuseppi (Josepph, Josef) VERGOTTINI was born on 9 Mar 1792 in Milano, Italy and died on 25 Apr 1833 in Paarl, aged 41. Giuseppi married Jacoba Hermina REDELINGHUYS in 1818 in Drakenstein. Jacoba Hermina, the daughter of Johannes Hendricus REDELINGHUYS *1756 and Maria MAROSEE *1770, was born on 16 Mar 1797 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and died on 7 Jan 1866 in Winburg, Orange Free State, aged 68. The descendants of this couple were soon to be part of the Afrikaner fabric.                   


b1. Georgius Johannes Philippus born on 4 Sep 1819 in Paarl, Cape Colony and died on 10 Jul 1877 in Winburg, aged 57. He was also known as the Italian Trader/Buyer. He purchased a stand in Potchefstroom in 1853. Georgius J. P. married Cecilia Margaretha BORNMAN, daughter of Johan Christiaan BORNMAN *1789 and Cornelia Carolina du PREEZ *1790. Cecilia Margaretha was born on 12 Sep 1831 in Graaff-Reinet and died on 7 Jun 1897 in Capetown, aged 65.

Giuseppe Johannes Philippus and his siblings participated in the Great Trek, were involved in the founding of the Winburg Voortrekker Republic where he also served on the Winburg School Commission. Several Vergottinis participated in and were prisoners-of-war in the Anglo Boer War; a G.P.J. Vergottini died in the battle of Paardeberg on 27 Feb 1900. At least two families were to be found in the Winburg concentration camp, having signed the oath of neutrality.   

b2. Johannes Josephus Giuseppe born on 25 Apr 1822 in Paarl, was baptised on 19 May 1822, and died on 4 Jul 1894 in Winburg, aged 72. Participated in the Groot Trek. Saddlemaker and upholsterer. Johannes married Gertruida Jacoba KUPER on 13 Feb 1960 in Winburg, Gertruida Jacoba was born in 1833 in Aliwal North, Cape Colony and died on 14 Jun 1928 in Winburg, aged 95.     

b3. Giuseppe Jacobus was baptised on 26 Apr 1824, Drakenstein, and died on 27 Jun 1824.

b4. Maria Jacoba Charlotta born on 25 Jun 1825 in Paarl, Cape Colony, South Africa, died on 26 Sep 1858, aged 33, and was buried in the Voortrekkergedenktuin, (Voortrekker Memorial Garden) Winburg. Maria married Johannes Casparus VLOTMAN, son of Anthonie VLOTMAN *1781 and Anna Dorothea LOTTER ~1775. Johannes Casparus was born in 1811 in the Cape Colony and died on 27 Nov 1891 in Winburg, Orange Free State, aged 80.         

b5. Jacoba Hermina born on 4 Mar 1827 in Paarl and died on 6 Jan 1894 in Winburg, Orange Free State, aged 66. Jacoba married George Henry LOCH. George Henry was born on 21 Jun 1825 in Youghal, County Cork, Ireland and died on 11 Jan 1900 at Kaalvallei, Winburg, aged 74.

References:   NAAIRS, FamilySearch, Ball Family Records, Anglo-Boer War Museum, eGGSA Gravestones in S.A.           

Submitted by: Johannes Bosch, Virginia, USA
May, 2023

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