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VERRAN Frederick


Frederick was a Hungarian ancestor who came to South Africa to farm in 1878 and settled in Cathcart, the eastern part of the Cape Province. He was the son of János Baptista Vintetius PACKH (1931-1912) and Catharine (Née VERRAN 1831-1871). It was a family tradition that the son’s surname be that of the mother. János was Hungarian and Catharine was British. At the age of 35 János claimed to be Pál Oszkár
ESTERHáZY as he believed he was the son of Count Nicholas ESTERHáZY. Hungarian authorities accepted this name, but the Esterháye family did not. Some documents indicate Frederick’s parents surname as ESTERHáZY. János and Catharine emigrated to the United States of America in 1868 and both died in New York City. Frederick was born in Békés Megye, Hungary on 15 January 1859. The surname (past down from his mother) means “village” and has a Welsh origin. The name that he went by was Fred.

Frederick married Louisa Selina HOBBS (1855-1932) on 8 August 1879 in Goshen, South Africa. Goshen is in the eastern part of the Cape Province near Queenstown.
Louisa was the daughter of William and Emily (Née BARTLETT). Both William and Emily were descendants of the British Settlers.

Frederick and Louisa‘s children (all born in Cathcart, South Africa):

b1 Ethel Helen Eliza * 26 May 1880, † 1945, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, X 2 April 1903, Sterkstroom, Cape Province. Oscar MUGGLETON (1879-1938). Oscar’s parents: William James & Jane Ann (Née BUCKLEY)

b2 Athelstan Henry * 15 November 1881, † 24 October 1967, Queenstown, South Africa, X Jean Gordon Wilmot HUTTON (1888-1969). Jean’s parents: Thomas & Harriet Eliza Boyce (Née WILMOT)

b3 Glen William * 27 June 1883, † 30 June 1951, Salisbury, Rhodesia, X Sterkstroom, 3 June 1907 Camelia Mabel Hesse MORGENROOD (1884-1963). Camelia’s parents: John Thomas & Anna Elizabeth (Née READ)

b4 Gordon James * 10 April 1885, † 3 June 1951 (4 weeks old), Cathcart, Cape Province

b5 Walter Rupert * 28 June 1886, † 1979, X 30 September 1933, East London, Cape Province, Eunice Emily WHITE (British lady * 1891)

b6 Frederick * 23 April 1888, X Olive Blanche FRANCIS (1888-1923 ? Ladysmith main Cemetery ). Olive’s parents: James Theopilus & Susanna Elizabeth (Née ZIETSMAN),
XX 4 August 1942, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, Thelma Charlotte GOWANS. Thelma’s parents: Henry Foster & Edith Gertrude (Née BRIMELOW)

b7 Douglas John * 5 November 1890, † 24 December 1971, East London, Cape Province, ? East London Crematorium, X Annie Louisa RUDDLE (1860-1911).
Annie’s parents: Joseph & Annie Louisa

b8 Louisa Rhoda * 7 November 1894, X Francois Cloete BEYERS (1894-1953). Francois parents: Marthinus & Carolina Margaretha (Née CLOETE)

b9 Minnie Alecia * 1 May 1897, X Eric Albert BATTESON. Eric’s parents: Albert Edward & Emma Isabella (Née BENZIES)

Frederick, the South African Hungarian Progenitor died at 29 August 1932 in Sterkstroom, Cape Province, being 73 years old. He divorced Louisa on 10 February 1922 The mother of his children died just a few months before him on 10 April 1932 ( ? Sterkstroom Cemetery) in Cathcart, Cape Province. 



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