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RABE Hans Heinrich

Hans Heinrich RABE from Oldendorf near Hermannsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany was born on the 7th Dec. 1799. His parents were Johann Peter Rabe and Ilse Magdalene Hiestermann. On 22. April 1824 he married Catharine Marie Dorothee Otte (daughter of Casten Hinrich Otte and Catharine Dorothea Winterhoff). Catharine born Otte, died in Oldendorf on 24th February 1851.

They had following children:

b1. Peter Heinrich Wilhelm * 19 Jan. 1827 in Oldendorf, Germany, † 31 März 1893 on the Farm Vaderland near Lüneburg, Natal.
x Anna Maria Dorothea Albers * 7 Sep. 1834 in Oldendorf, Germany, † 5 März 1911 on the Farm Tafelberg near Piet Retief.

b2. Johann Heinrich * 8 March 1829 in Oldendorf, Germany † 11 Feb. 1898 in Lüneburg, Natal
x Anna Marie Sophie Dehning * 1826 in Dehningshof, Germany † 24 Jul. 1894 in Lüneburg, Natal

b3. Peter Heinrich Wilhelm * 5 Nov. 1837 in Oldendorf, Germany, † 4 Jul. 1914 on the Farm Goedetrouw near Piet Retief
x 8 Jul. 1868 in Entembeni, Natal with Christiane Ida Wundram * 26 Feb. 1848 in Beckedorf, Germany; † 20 Jul. 1916 on the
Farm Goedetrouw near Piet Retief.

b4. Heinrich Dietrich Wilhelm * 26 Nov. 1841 in Oldendorf, Germany, † 1882 in Hamburg, Germany

Hans Heinrich Rabe emmigrated with his three eldest sons to South Africa. He came to South Africa, on board the Ship Kandaze which landed in Durban in Jan 1869. He and his eldest two sons became founding members of the German Lutheran Church in Lüneburg, Natal. He died 22. Oct 1876 in Lüneburg, Natal following bowel incarceration. His grave is still visible in the Lüneburg Cemetry.

A direct male descendant has test his Y-Chromosome. Based on this Hans-Heinrich Rabe was of the Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Ia1 with the subclade, Anglo-Saxon 10.

       Hans Heinrich Rabe

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