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SCHRAMM Jobst Hieronymus Paul

Jobst Hieronymus Paul SCHRAMM was born on the 3rd Feb. 1807 in Hamburg, Germany. His parents were Jobst Schramm (merchant in Hamburg) and Anna Catharina Fincks. In Hamburg he worked as a tinsmith. On the 23. Nov. 1833 he married Maria Henriette Steffen. In 1838 he emigrated to South Africa without his wife and daughter Amanda. In Cape Town he worked for the trading and shipping company N.H. Lütgens. After this company went bankrupt, he moved to Cradock. Here he met Maria Catharina Bekker1 born 1829 with whom he had an illegitimate child.

His wife in Germany divorced him on the 6th June 1851. He and Maria Catharina Bekker moved to Colesberg where they lived in 1856, subsequently Bloemfontein (1858-1864), Potchefstroom (1865-1869) and finally Zeerust (1870-1874). In Bloemfontein he worked as a Police Sergeant, in Potchefstroom as tinsmith and in Zeerust he was a Police Seargeant (Hoofdconstabel) and warden (Hoofdcipier). Maria Catharina Bekker died between 1866 and 1869. Hieronymus Schramm died on the 17th June 1874 in Zeerust.


With Maria Henriette Steffen.

b1. Luise Amanda * 18. Jan 1836 in Hamburg; † 1916 in Kiel, Germany (Not married)

With Maria Catharina Bekker

b2. Martha Maria Pitronella * 10. Nov. 1849 in the Cradock district. Presumably died young.

b3. Amanda Maria Catharina * Apr 1856 in Colesberg; † 4. Nov 1932, Arnoldistad, Rustenburg
x Hans-Heinrich Lüneburg (Hermannburg missionary)

b4. Franziska Gesine * 10.Nov 1858 in Bloemfontein; † 7. Jun. 1938 in Johannesburg
x Oloff Ohlsen (Hintze)

b5. Adolf Hieronymus Paul * 11 Feb 1866 in Potchefstroom; † 25. March 1934, Helpmekaar, Natal.
x Johanna Sophie Dorothea Küsel.

Compiled by Thomas Hambrock
(Email: thomas_hambrock[at]

1 Maria Catharina Bekker (born 1829), daughter of Jan Theunis Bekker and Catharina Elizabeth Bekker, married to Jobst Hieronymus Paul Schramm on 26 Jun 1848 in Somerset-East. The last and final proof of this is the mtDNA test I conducted. This MC mitochondrial Stammoeder was Marie Grillion. Family of mine who have done the test and are mtDNA descendant of MC. His results were compared to another person who happens to be a proven mtDNA descendant of Marie Grillion. Their mitochondrial DNA match 100%.

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