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RIPPEL Johannes Cierzakus

Johannes Cierzakus Rippel gebore c. 1779 van Hesse, Duitsland, sterf 25 Nov 1816 (37jaar 4mnde)getroud in Kaapstad 21 Jun 1807 met Magdalena ANTHONISSE (wed. v. George Frederik Rogiers) gebore c. 1779 gedoop in Kaapstad 22 Mei 1785 d.v. Johannes Christoffel Anthonisse en Sara Cornelia v.d.Kaap.

b1 Johan Carel gebore 21 Mar 1808, gedoop Kaapstad 31 Jan 1809, getroud Kaapstad 17 May 1841 met Johanna Elizabeth Louisa JACOBS
b2 Johan Frederik gebore 2 Des 1809, gedoop Kaapstad 17 Des 1809
b3 Elizabeth Jacoba gebore 12 Jan 1812, gedoop Kaapstad 2 Feb 1812, getroud Kaapstad 31 Mei 1829 Hendrik Everhardus VAN BLERK gebore 25 Jul 1803, gedoop Swartland 25 Okt 1810, s.v.Rogier Bernardus van Blerk en Martha Baisina Dorothea v .d. K.
b4 Jan Christiaan gebore 5 Mei 1814, gedoop Kaapstad 29 Mei 1814
b5 Johannes gebore 22 Jul 1816, gedoop Kaapstad 11 Apr 1817

J.A.Heese en R.T.J. Lombard, Suid Afrikaanse Genealogie. Vol09 Ra-Ron.

Saamgestel deur:
Annelie Els

Additional data:

Duncan Bennie.

Rippel appears in the 1807 Census.

He arrived in the Cape in April of 1803 on board the Dutch ship "Kortenaar" and that he was a soldier and is currently a "kleedermaker." It also states that he received a "pas" in March 1806.
He thus arrived in the Cape under the Batavian administration, so looking into their military records I found that is Johannes Rippel is listed in the "5de Bataljon, Van Waldeck Kaap de Goede Hoop; onderofficieren, minderen 1802 - 1805". 
I decided to look into the battalion to see if I could find anything of relevance and found that the battalion was sent to the Cape in 1802 on board the "Kortenaar" and "Pluto". 
I am thus certain that Johannes Rippel served in the 5th Battalion Waldeck and arrived in the Cape in April 1803 after setting sail from the Netherlands in 1802 on board the "Kortenaar".
When the Cape was captured by the British he became a prisoner of war. In 1806 when the most of the battalion went back to the Netherlands, he and some other soldiers, including a few from his battalion listed on the 1807 census remained in the Cape where they received passes in 1806. 
I have not found a record listing his place of origin, but this information points to him most likely being from Hesse as the regiment was from the principality of Waldeck in Hesse and the single men in the 1807 census from the ship "Pluto" which also brought troops from the Waldeck Battalion were all listed as being from Waldeck or Hesse.


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