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Hendrik SPELDENBERG had an illigetimate child with Adriaentje Claassen, daughter of Catharina van Malabaar and stepdaughter of Cornelis Claassen. She would later marry Pieter Boshouwer.

This child was known as:

Elsje Speldenberg baptised 26 November 1679 X Caspar Gerrits

(Note Upham incorrectly states that the date for her baptism as "6 November 1679)

M Upham, "Claas van Malabar" in N Claassen, & GH Claassen, Die Claas(s)en afstammelinge in Suid-Afrika, Centurion, Outeurs, 2001.

Contribution by :
AM van Rensburg

Cathryn van Malabaar was a slave of Maria Verburgh, part op of the household of Zacharias Wagenaer until she was sold on 11 August 1665 to Cornelis van Quaelbergen.
Schoeman p 281 states that van Quaelbergen bought a piece of land next to the Company Garden, this property was known as Concordia, it had a house, 78 sheep and some slaves. The slaves of Quaelbergen thus must have been housed here, and there must have been other slaves who were the domestic servants.

Lorna Newcomb pointed out that there were the following persons at the Cape at the time with the said name: Gabriel Slangsz van Elsenen and Gabriel Gabrielsz van Stockholm (both sentenced for crimes in 1668). Did either of these folks work or had contact with Cornelis van Quaelbergen.


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