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Surnames R to U

RENS Johan Adam

(of RENSCH) from Meerseburg in Saxon, came to the Cape in 1754. He got married in 1761 with Elizabeth Catharina LANTS:

b.1 Johan Pieter, 1762
b.2 Johannes Jacobus, 1764, geh. 1787 met Anna Catharina MOSTERT, weduwee van Gerrit Jacobus Romond
b.3 Petrus, 1767, geh. 1791 met Jacomina MOSTERT, weduwee van F. Stander
b.4 Christiaan Ernst, 1769, geh. 1797 met Aletta Jacoba AMELONG, weduwee van Bernhardus Mostert
b.5 Roelof Marthinus, 1773
b.6 Bernhardus Johannes, 1777


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