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USTINGS Catharina

(also spelt Ufftincx) who was born 1641 and came to South Africa in 25 July 1662 on the "Hof van Zeeland". She was from Lubeeck, West Germany and was a widow when she arrived. Catharina was a most remarkable women, and was known as Tryn Ras. On their wedding day the bridal pair were taken by Frans Gerrits and Thieleman Hendricksz in two wagons. They started to race one another and they had an accident. A fight took place and Hendricksz stabbed Ras twice, with the second stab the knife broke off in Ras"s ribs. He was a prosperous farmer and was often in trouble with the authorities. Hans Ras died in 1671 having been killed by a lion.


b1 Hendrik (he went to Ceylon)
b2 Nicolaas baptised 12 Sep 1666, X Maria van Staden
b3 Maria Ras baptised 23 Jun 1669, X Joost Strydom (Strydom stamouers)
b4 Hans Ras baptised 25 Jun 1671, he did not marry and died 1705

On 17 April 1672 she married stamvader Francois Champelaar from Ghent. Francois was murdered by Hottentots.

On 29 October 1673 Catharina married Cornelis Laurens from Switzerland who was killed by an elephant in 1677/78. On 25 January 1680 Catharina married Matthys Michaelsz who was from Germany and in 1708 she died.

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