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NELSON Coenraad

Coenraad NELSON the only son of Coenraad NELSON and Margaretha Iisabein SCHWENGELER was born on 25 May 1732 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Both Coenraad and Margaretha were from German descent. Coenraad joined the VOC and departed from Texel the Netherlands on the ship “Honkoop” (Ships captain Nikolaas SEVIE) on its way to Batavia on 19 Jul 1778 and arrived in Cape Town South Africa on 3 Jan 1779, where he got off. He was a surgeon in VOC. One of the first members of the Lutheran Church in South Africa (Cape Town). He married Maria Appolina BERGH (She was born 1729) on 27 Sep 1761. She was the daughter of Albertus Bergh Elisabeth Bisseux.The couple had only one child, namely Coenraad Willem NELSON born in 1762. Coenraad died in 1805 The only son Coenraad Willem married Maria Elizabeth HURTER (Born 31 January 1765 and died 6 March 1837) on 11 Feb 1787. She was the daughter of Johann Wilhelm HURTER and Barbara HAUPT . The couple stayed in Swellendam Cape Province and had 7 children:

1. Coenraad Robbert born 1787

2. Coenradina Johanna born 1788

3. Robbert Coenraad born 1789

4. Arend born 1791. He married Louisa Johanna MADER on 28 September 1817

5. Barbara Jacoba born 1793. She married Johan Wilhelm LUTGEN on 30 August 1812

6. Johanna Isabella born 1794. She married Jan Frederik SERRURIER on 17 Feb 1822

7. Johann Wilhelm Verbeek, known as Jan Willem born 1800. He married Magdalena Elizabeth BERRANGè on 12 Jan 1825

Coenraad Willem died on 18 April 1824 in Swellendam


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4. Research done by Mervyn Carl Nelson SCHMIDT (1938-2013)

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