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Isaak NIEWOUDT was from Amsterdam, he came to the Cape c 1716. He was a soldier and surgeon. He got married 6 February 1724 to Johanna van Wyk she was the daughter of Willem van Wyk and Trijntje Harmensz.

Maria had a son born from Willemse but when she married Niewoudt, he took on this surname and all his descendants:
Gerrit Niewoudt (Willemse) was baptised 2 May 1717, X 26 April 1739 Johanna Steenkamp
Helena baptised 9 Oct 1718, X 4 March 1736 Izaak Visagie
Jeremias baptised 17 Nov 1720

Isaak and Johanna had the following children:
Alida baptised 13 Feb 1724
Johannes baptised 15 Jul 1725, X 15 Oct 1752 Anna Minnaar
Alida baptised 30 Nov 1727
Isaac baptised 16 Jul 1730, X 20 May 1759 Dorothea Elisabeth Hertzog
Anna Catharina baptised 2 March 1732, X 15 Oct 1752 Jan Minnaar

Richard Ball,

SAG, Vol 6

Saamgestel deur:
AM van Rensburg




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