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Surnames N to Q

NESER Augustus Tiberius

Johan Wilhelm NESER en Johanna van Buren, Echselieden. From the Netherlands.
For his excellent services with medical help to the Kings house, he was made Baron.

They had a son AUGUSTUS TIBERIUS NEESER (B2), who came to South Africa from Rotterdam in 1783. He was born on 28 November 1766 in Rotterdam. He died 17 August 1827.

In "De Afrikaner Almanak" we found the name Augustus Tiberius Nezar in 1819. (Note spelling)

We suspect that the surname NEZAR is Jewish. Because in ancient times the sea of Galilee was called Lacgenezar. In that time names were given to people as to what their occupation was and where they lived.

This person was a christian guy who lived in Tiberias by the lake Nezar.

With all the wars in ancient times, people were scatterd all over Europe.

People were uneducated and could not write. So names were spelt differently.

If a Jewish women marries and gives birth, the child is a Jew.
If a Jewish man marries a non jewish woman from another country, the child is a gentile, unless the mother takes the Jewish faith before marriage.

AUGUSTUS TIBERIUS NESER (SECOND GENERATION) (B2) –(Parents Johan Wilhelm Neser and Johanna van Buren Echselieden). He married Christina JACOBS. They had 11 children, but according to De Villiers book of the original families, he only had two children.
He was married to Christina Jacobs (Jacobsen) on 4.09.1796, (who was the daughter of Andries Jacobs van Apenrade and Rosia Wilhelmina Hugo). (She could have had coloured blood, according to the Neser family book). (Pg 38) Her father was German, her mother a slave.

Their children were as follows:

1. Johannes Adriaan * 18.06.1797 X R H Roscher
2. Augusta Cornelia * 29.03.1824 have got death c.
3. Johan Daniel * 19.02.1826 ditto
4. Charles Augustus * 04.11.1827 ditto
5. Christiaan Petrus * 11.10.1829 ditto
6. Johanna * 22.07.1798 ditto
7. Alexander. * 20.03.1822. (Lutheren Church) ditto

He was a soldier

one of his children was allegedly born out of wedlock - CHRISTIAAN TIBERIUS NESER (C3) (Christened in Cape Town on 13.8.1797) BORN ± 1795. Augustus and Wilhelmina Gloudina (Slave from Malysia) This is what is said in the Neser Family Book. . (This is where the family branches out). He changes his name to Nezar.

(Parents Augustus Tiberius Neeser and Wilhelmina Christina vd Caab)

All children blonde and blue eyed.

Roman Dutch Law regarded a child illegitimate unless acknowledged by the father. Many fathers did not acknowledge a child or cut him out because they were obstinate.

His parents were Augustus Tiberius Neeser and his mother is given as Wilhelmina Gloudina/Claudine van de Caab. The Neser Family Book states that she could have been a slave because of the de Caab. Slaves were from Java or Malaysia. But many poor people in that time did not have surnames, they were from the Cape or from anywhere else.

1. Born 1795 (death date unknown)

2. Christened 13.08.1797 (2 years old) District Albert. Witnesses Wouter Venter and Christina Booysen and Wilhelmina Christina vd Caab.(Note Christina and not Gloudina)

3. Married to Johanna Catharina Gertuide Freyman (Freiman) on 5/4/1828.

(She was born 15.5.1809 and died in Burgersdorp 23.11.1867 where they lived after retiring).He survived her. She was only 19 when married and 22 when first child was born in 1831.Her ref at archives (MOOC 6/9/121 no 4002)

After the wedding he changes his name to Nezar. (He was 33 when married and 36 when first child was born)

4. Will 24.10.1860.

5. He had land at Lions Rump in Cape Town in 1816. (Picture 1600's house on Signal Hill) Was that his father's house?

6. He was liquidated in 1869

7. He worked at the Albert Bank in Cape Town.

8. Emancipation certificate 31.10.1810. (13 yrs old) (Ref CO3879 Ref 521). (The people who requested this, were the same people who were present at his christening.)

9. Naturalised in 1891.

But he could very well have been the child of a Nezar from Germany, as there was a Nezar who arrived at Cape Town from Germany, he was married to a Russian aristocrat. They allegedly had photographs of the Tsar and the women's family in their possession that caused trouble for them when they landed in SA.

They lived in Cape Town. There is an old photograph from 1600’s Which shows that a Nezar lived there).

There are also Nezars in Egypt, France, and America etc. Who were definitely not from Holland.


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