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PEñA, Faustino

Faustino was born in Spain in roundabout 1878 and immigrated from Spain to South Africa in 1911. He came from Santa Pola in Spain, a fisherman’s village The surname means “Ledge”.  It’s a fairly common Spanish surname and originated from Galicia in Spain. The tilde ~ above the “n”, is sometimes left out. He was a Fishing Boat Manager in Cape Town, South Africa. He married Johanna MILLINGTON on 17 April 1916 in Cape Town, South Africa, in the Methodist Church.

The couple had the following children:

b1 Leonard James *1916, †3 March 1976, X 6 November 1943 Daphne Edith  BUTTRESS, daughter of John and Mabel (Née HENDRIKS)

b2 Olga Elena *1919, X 27 September 1943 Edward Charles COLLINS

b3 Isobel *1921

b4 Raymond Louis, a factory worker, 1924, †24 December 1944. He never married

b5 Alfonso Joseph * 22 October 1925, X Emma Josephine Susie REID

b6 Carmen Joyce *1928, X Clifford Vincent PALMER
Faustino died in Cape Town South Africa on 19 July 1934 in his mid-fifties and was buried in the Maitland Cemetery in Cape Town
National archives.
Fishing records in Cape Town of Spanish Fisherman.
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