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Jacob was born in Korbyn, Brest, Belarus in 1855. Belarus was in those years ruled by the Russians. Belarus was not an independent country as it is today, although the people staying there were a separate community from the rest of the bigger Russia.
The surname ISRAEL means “Successful with God”. It had obviously a religious meaning and Jacob was Jewish. In some documents Jacob had a second name, Daneel. He was the son of Daniel and Freda Braine (Née SIMON). Jacob married Rachael (Née CHODONITSKA) in Belarus. Some literature showed Rachael had a second name Chaye. One son was born in Belarus:
b1 Simon * 1877. He most probably died in his teens.
Jacob (a trader as profession) and Rachael then moved to England and stayed there as well as in Scotland. Two more sons were born in Middlesex, Southeast England.
b2 Daniel * 1880
b3 Isaac (a general dealer)* 5 May 1882
Rachael died on 5 May 1887 in London, England. Jacob married Toiby CHODONITSKA. Although unverified it’s believed that Toiby and his first wife Rachael were sisters. Toiby was the daughter of Belarusian parents Noah William and Esther Dinah(Maiden name unknown). Toiby was born on 11 May 1870 in Korbyn, Brest, Belarus. Certain documents showed her as Deborah Toiby CHODONITSKA.
Toiby, Jacob and Jacob’s sons Daniel and Isaac moved to South Africa in 1888 and settled firstly in the Ghaap Plateau (It is in the Northern part of the Cape Province).
Eventually they settled in the Orange Free State. Children born out Jacob’s second marriage:
b4 Sarah, * 1890, † 19 November 1964, ? Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa X Max SCHMAMAN(1883-1967).
b5 Solomon Michael, *14 February 1893, † 5 November 1985, ? Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa, X Lilly (1898-1978, maiden name unknown).
b6 Esther,* circa1 1894 † 12 June 1982. Esther married George TOBIAS.
b7 Dinah, * 1896, †25 May 1977, ? Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa, X Hyman AARON.
b8 Tobias, * 11 October 1898, Ghaap Plateau, Cape Province., † 12 April 1948 in Cape Town, South Africa. He was a Senior Administrative Manager. Tobias married firstly Molly KLEIN († 1939) and then after Molly’s death, Ethel KLASS (*1913).
b9 Edward, *1900, Ghaap Plateau, Cape Province, † 18 September 1940. He was at the time of his death a Chief Executive Officer. Edward married Gertude WOOLF .
b10 Barney (Administrative officer), circa 1903.
b11 Elizabeth Rose, * 22 October 1905, † 29 October 1986. Elizabeth married Jack DELATIZKY.
b12 Noah Willie, circa 1908. He was later known as William Israel.
b13 Harry Louis, * 23 May 1911, Fouriesburg, Orange Free State, † 7 July 1980(Heart Attack), Bloemfontein, Orange Free State. He was a Lawyer. Harry married Freda Nancy HORWITZ (1921-1952) Freda was the daughter of well-known Lithuanian born Orange Free State Judge IL HORWITZ (1895-1955). After Freda death he married Minnie KAPLAN, but divorced her in 1974.
b14 Herman (a Medical Doctor), * 20 March 1913, Fouriesburg, Orange Free State, † (Prostate Cancer) 2 March 1989, Ficksburg, Orange Free State. Herman married Martha Susara LINDE (1921-1989, One of the “KAREEKLOWERS” Lindes).
Jacob, the Belarusian Progenitor died on 5 December 1929 in Johannesburg, Transvaal and his wife Toiby some 15 years later on 31 May 1944 in Bethlehem, Orange Free State.

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