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Surnames H to J

JOHANNES Johann Heinrich Christoph

Johann was born on 16 August 1852 in Himberger, Uelzen, Lower Saxony, Germany. This is in the south east part of Germany. He was the son of Germans’ Heinrich Christoph JOHANNES and Dorothee Elisabeth SCHOOP. He arrived in South Africa in 1877 and settled in Hermannsburg, Natal. He was a missionary. Johann married also a German born lady, Marie Margarethe Engel DREWES from Meßhausen, Germany on 29 July 1885 in Hermannsburg, Natal, South Africa. She was born on 31 January 1860. Johann died in the old Eastern Transvaal, South Africa on 13 September 1943. The surname JOHANNES is not that common as a surname and is more often used as a Christian or first name. The German meaning is: “the almighty God is amiable”


b1. Heinrich Christoph * 14 April 1886 x Marie Magdalena Catherine STIELAU   

b2. Katherine Mathilde Marie * 19 October 1889 x Johannes Heinrich August PAUL 

b3. Bernhard Conrad Theodor  * 3 January1891 x Anna Wilhelmina Catherine Elisabeth STIELAU 

b4. Heinrich Johannes Siegfried * 24 July 1893 x Anna Margaretha Frederika van ROOYEN   

b5. Heinrich Friedrich Rudolf * 28 September 1895 x Christine Martha Kathe STIELAU 

b6. Otto August Wilhelm * 27 July 1897 x Marie Sophie Elisabeth KüSEL 

b7. Heinrich August Walter * 1 January 1900 x Cassie Eveline GRIFFITHS 

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