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Surnames K to M

LEYGONIE Jean Ferdinand

JEAN FERDINAND LEYGONIE * 24 Jun1828 in Corrèze, France (Although the DN says born in "Granges-France" it should be Corrèze), † 23 Jul 1899 in Zuuranys, Jagersbosch; occupation Farmer/General Dealer at Jagersbosch Humansdorp.
Jean F arrived in SA about 1851 according to Dominique Leygonie in France, whose great great grandfather Leon [JF's cousin] came to SA in 1844 [on a ship leaving from Bordeaux], and engraved his name on a rock in a cave "Graafwater" in SWA [now Namibia] in 1849. One book gives their marriage date as 1853 and another as 1855.

x8 Jun 1855[3] in Humansdorp, Cape, SUSANNA JACOBA HARRIS, * 1837, (daughter of ANTHONY HARRIS and SUSANNA JACOBA VAN RENSBURG) † 15 Aug 1897.
SUSANNA:. Her husband's DN gives her names as Susanna Jacomina.

b1 FRANCOIS FREDERICK LEYGONIE, * 0 Mar 1856 in Humansdorp,Cape, ≈ 7 Aug 1856 in Humansdorp,Cape, † 1922.

b2 ANTHONIE PAULIN LEYGONIE, * 5 Aug 1857 in Humansdorp,Cape, ≈ 6 Dec 1857 in Humansdorp,Cape, † 1944.

x date unknown, HESTER VAN ROOYEN.

b3 SUSANNA JACOBA LEYGONIE, * 5 Jan 1860 in Humansdorp,Cape, ≈ 1 Apr 1860 in Humansdorp,Cape, † 1929.

b4 FERDINAND ETTIENE LEYGONIE, * 20 Jul 1862 in Humansdorp,Cape, ≈ 23 Sept 1862 in Humansdorp,Cape, † 1945, occupation Farmer on "Okatumba west" SWA [now Namibia].

x date unknown, SUSARA JACOBA FERREIRA, * 08 Jul 1867, (daughter of STEPHANUS FERREIRA and SUSANNA ELIZABETH DE BRUYN) ≈ 12 Sept 1867 in Uniondale, † 20 Aug 1929 in Okatumba SWA.
SUSARA: DN reveals that LEYGONIE family lived on a farm Okatumba-West..dist. Windhoek SWA.

b5 JEAN RICHARD LEYGONIE, * 20 Oct 1864 in Humansdorp,Cape, ≈ 12 Dec 1864 in Humansdorp,Cape, † 11 Jul 1927 in Humansdorp., buried in Humansdorp Cemetery, occupation farmer "Suuranys" H'dorp.
After 1899 they moved from the paternal farm to the Free State where they bought a farm named "Uitvlucht" near the Great Vet River. In 1927 they sold the farm and moved to SWA where they bought a farm named "Okatumba" west of the White Nosob. It is thought that Sarah died there. Jean died in "the Burns"-home of son.


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Researched and compiled by:
Annatje Tiran.

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