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Surnames K to M

LESCH Michael

Michael LESCH arrived at the Cape in 1775 as a soldier from Amerdingen in Germany. He died in the Swartland 15 July 1797. He had a number of children with different women:
Spacie VAN DE KAAP and Lesch had four illegitimate children. It is stated that "She had always shown an exemplary conduct, and that she as well as her children, who were recognised by Lesch as his own, had always sat down at the same table with their master".
b1 Lodewyk
b2 Andries Jacobus, X 22 Oct 1820 Regina Elizabeth Arendse
b3 Mietje
b4 Christiaan

b5 Johanna Helena baptised 8 Sep 1782 (Her mother was Amelia van de Kaap)
b6Johan Willem Lodewyk brong 1790, baptised 10 Nov 1799 (His mother was Johanna Maria Poggenpoel)
b7 Maria Johanna Elizabeth baptised 20 Jan 1803 (Her mother was Elizabeth Poggenpoel), X 27 Jun 1819 Gottlieb Carleen

Heese en Lombard
JLM Franken " Dr J Hoge"s "Personalia of the Germans at the Cape"" Africana Notes and News Vol VI no 1, Dec 1948

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