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Surnames K to M

KUBE Johann Jacob

Johann Jacob KUBE was from Danzig. His parents were Johann Kube and Regina Breden. He arrived as a sailor at the Cape in 1775. He was the kwartiermeester from 1782. He got married in Cape Town 7 April 1784 with Francina TIMM, she was the daughter of Johann Rudolf Timm and Eva de Vries.

b1 Elizabeth Louisa Dorothea baptised 12 March 1780
b2 Cornelis Ephraim baptised 1780
b3 Johan Rudolph baptised 23 Nov 1781, X 16 May 1802 Elizabeth Catharina Barks (Backs)
b4 Hendrik Jacob baptised Nov 1782
b5 Erdmann Lodewyk baptised 22 Sep 1784
b6 Johan Frederik Ephraim baptised 3 Sep 1786
b7 Cornelia Maria Christina baptised 14 Sep 1788, X Fransicsus Erhard Meyer
b8 Jacob Georg Daniel baptised 24 July 1791
b9 Elizabeth Francina Regina baptised 29 Aug 1793, X 30 Jun 1816 Ferdinand August Keulder
b10 Maria Magdalena baptised 18 Nov 1795, X Jacob Frederik Poolman
b11 Martha Lodewika Cornelia, X 2 Dec 1827 Andries Rugers
b12 Jacob Rudolph

JA Heese, South African Genealogies Vol IV

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