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LAESECKE Wilhelm Adolf

Wilhelm Adolf LAESECKE was born on 8 Nov 1864 in Germany. He died2 on 12 May 1924 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal, Retief Str.

Name     Wilhelm Adolf Laesecke
Age         37
Residence Place Mahksdorf, Germany
Birth Year (Estimated)        1864
Nationality             German
Event Type            Military Service
Event Date            1901
Event Place          South Africa
Source Description             List of Boer prisoners of war, numbers 1-32561, 1899-1902.
Series Number     WO 108/368
Affiliate Name       The National Archives
Prison Name        Natal
War        Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902

Wilhelm married Friederike Charlotte Dorothea WESCHE daughter of August Dietrich WESCHE and Elsabe Dorothea LUHMANN on 9 Oct 1897 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal. Friederike was born on 24 Oct 1869 in Henningen, Germany. She died on 10 Feb 1933 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal, Park Str.

They had the following children:

b1. Frieda Dorothea LAESECKE was born on 19 Sep 1899 in Pretoria, Transvaal. She died in 1989.

Frieda was employed as a Librarian at the Board of Trade Industries.

Frieda married Francois Jean DE VILLIERS son of Rocco Catorzia DE VILLIERS and Susanna Catharina DE VILLIERS on 22 Sep 1928 in Pretoria German Church, Transvaal. Francois was born on 25 Apr 1898 in Cape Colony. He was christened on 5 Jun 1898 in Paarl Neder Geref Church, Cape Colony. He died in 1980.

Francois was employed as a Dr of Botany in Government Service, Scientist and Chancellor of the University of South Africa.

b2. Wilhelm Adolf LAESECKE was born on 20 Nov 1900. He died on 19 Jan 1977. He was buried in Pretoria Rebecca Street Cemetery, Transvaal.

Wilhelm was employed as Deputy Manager of Maize Board.

Wilhelm married (1) Caroline VAN ROOYEN daughter of George Frederick VAN ROOYEN and Carolina Henrietta ADENDORFF on 8 Nov 1930 in Pretoria Marriage Court, Transvaal. They filed for divorce in 1938.

Caroline VAN ROOYEN was born on 20 Nov 1908 in Natal. She died on 1 Jun 1988 in Pretoria, Transvaal.

Caroline was cremated on 4 Jun 1988, Church Service at Pretoria Arcadia Neder Geref Church, Transvaal.

Caroline second Marriage

Wilhelm and Caroline had the following children:

c1. Caroline LAESECKE was born on 20 Aug 1931.
Caroline married Oswald Joseph VAN STRATEN son of Gertruida Elizabeth Johanna ADENDORFF. Oswald was born on 12 Jun 1927.
Oswald was employed as Geologist in 1984.
They had the following children:

          d1. Francois Mauritz VAN STRATEN.
          d2. Caroline VAN STRATEN.
          d3. Leo Joseph VAN STRATEN.

c2. Freda LAESECKE was born on 20 Sep 1933 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal.
Freda married Joseph Henry Meiring NAUDE on 11 Jul 1953 in Pretoria East Neder Geref Church, Transvaal. Joseph was born on 2 May 1929 in Bethlehem dist, OFS.
Joseph was employed as Engineer in 1984.

c3. Wilhelm Frederick LAESECKE was born on 6 Oct 1935. He died on 14 Jan 2018.

Name Wilhelm Frederick Laaeseche
Event Type    Membership
Event Date    11 Oct 1953
Event Place   Vredenburg, Cape Province, South Africa

Wilhelm married Susara Johanna WELMAN daughter of Arie Willem WELMAN and Johanna Adriana VAN DEN HEEVER on 11 Apr 1959 in Pretoria Rietfontein Neder Geref Church, Transvaal.

Wilhelm married (2) Maria HOOGENDIJK daughter of Christiaan Frederick HOOGENDIJK and Isabella Margaretha VAN WIJK on 4 Mar 1939 in Pretoria Marriage Court, Transvaal. Maria was born on 6 Sep 1901. She died on 17 Oct 1971 in Pretoria, Transvaal. She was buried in Pretoria Rebecca Street Cemetery, Transvaal.

b3. Paul Adolf LAESECKE was born on 10 Mar 1904 in Salzwedel, Germany. He died on 5 Sep 1979 in Bethlehem dist, OFS. The cause of death was Kidney Failure.

Paul was employed as Accountant and Mayor of Bethlehem, OFS.

Paul married Mildred Anne WALKER daughter of Frank WALKER and Evelyn Mary Bliss FELL on 16 Dec 1937 in Thaba'nchu St Luke's Anglican Church, OFS. Mildred was born on 26 Oct 1906 in OFS. She died on 14 Jan 1983 in Bethlehem dist, OFS.



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