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Surnames K to M


Jan was employed as a Soldier of the 1st Battalion of the 60th Regiment.

Obtained permission 5 Aug 1818 to remain at the Cape Of Good Hope as a Burger.

Jan married Flora PAUL . Flora was born in c.1796 in England. She died  on 27 Aug 1847 in Cape Town, Cape Colony. She was buried in the age of abt 51yrs.
Jan died before 1847.

Jan and Flora had the following children:

John William (Jan) was born in 1819. He died on 21 Jun 1843 in Cape Town, Cape Colony, 'Bree Str'. John was employed as a Shoemaker.

John married Johanna Willemina CLEENWERCK  daughter of Lodewyk Frederik Godlieb CLEENWERCK and Helena Frederica SONDERMAN on 29 May 1836 in Cape Town, Cape Colony. Johanna was born on 25 Jun 1818. She was christened on 19 Jul 1818 in Cape Town, Cape Colony. She died on 29 Apr 1840 in Cape Town, Cape Colony, 'Bree Str'.

John and Johanna had the following children:

John William was born on 15 Mar 1837. He was christened on 16 Apr 1837 in Cape Town Dutch Refomed Church, Cape Colony.
[Baptism Witnesses: Flora Paul, widow of the late John Menderts. Johan Fredrik Heydenrych. Johannes Franciscus Cleenwerk.]

Lodewyk Frederik Gotlieb was born on 11 Nov 1838. He was christened on 23 Dec 1838 in Cape Town Dutch Reformed Church, Cape Colony. He died on 10 Mar 1918.
[Baptism Witnesses: Lodewyk Fredrik Georg Cleenwerk. Johanna Wilhelmina Cleenwerk. Cornelis Hendrik Smith. Anna Helena Wensch. Johan Fredrik Heydenreych.]

Lodewyk married Maria Magdalena VILJOEN  daughter of Carel Jacobus VILJOEN and Susanna Elisabet Magdalena VAN DER MERWE on 06 Feb 1866 in Richmond, Cape Colony. Anna was born on 04 Dec 1844. She was christened on 09 Mar 1845 in Richmond, Cape Colony. She died  on 27 Oct 1915 in Britstown, Cape Province. She was buried in the age of 70yrs.

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KAB MOOC 9123; 1847.

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