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LINDEN Hans Jürg

Hans was born on 21 September 1730 at Hagsfeld, Germany.  He arrived in South Africa in 1753 on the ship “Leijden" as a military man in services of the VOC Dutch East India Company. The ship departed from The Netherlands. He had various jobs in South Africa. He was a farm worker, wagon maker, signal inspector for the army and eventually a farmer at Sonderendrivier (today Riviersonderend), in the Cape. The town Riviersonderend was founded in 1923. He was the son of Germans Hans Georg and Barbara (Née BROMBACHER). The surname means: “Brighter”. 

Hans married Catharina Elizabeth SWART (*1727) on 5 November 1758. She was the daughter of Dutch immigrant Johannes and Zacharia (Née NIEMANN).

 b1   Hans Jürgen * 1759 Sonderendrivier x 23 November 1783, Stellenbosch, Johanna Maria HUMAN (*1762). She was the daughter of Hans Jürgen and Johanna Christina (Née BLOM). Hans was a Field Cornet. Hans died on 15 April 1831 at Sonderendrivier and his wife on 23 June 1826

b2   Jacobus * 16 September 1760 Sonderendrivier x 1782 Johanna Francina GROENEWALD (*16 June 1762). She was the daughter of Christoffel and Elizabeth (Née MESNARD).
Jacobus was a Military Officer. Jacobus died on 2 May 1843 at Sonderendrivier and Johanna on 22 March 1853.

b3   Helena Magdalena * 1762 x 23 November 1783, Matthys HUMAN (*20 February 1759) He was the son of Hans Jürgen and Johanna Christina (Née BLOM) and the brother of Johanna, his older brother’s Hans wife. Helena died in 1793 and Matthys on 13 February 1943.

b4  Michiel Hendrik * 1764. He died at a young age.

b5  Nicolaas * 1765, Cape Town x 8 October 1786 Susanna Rebecca UYS (* 1764) She was the daughter of Dirk Cornelis and Susanna Hermiena (Née SWART) 
Susanna died in 1803 and Nicolaas remarried on 30 October 1803 Isabella Maria RAUTENBACH (*1763). She was the daughter of Georg Friedrich and Mara Magdalena Margaretha (Née FERREIRA).
Nicolaas died on 20 December 1836 at Swellendam and Isabella in 1830.

b6  Cornelia Johanna * 1767 x Johannes Hermanus REDELINGHUYS (*1767) He was the son of Johannes Hermanus and Johanna Hermina (Née de VRIES)

The Progenitor Hans and his wife Catharina died on his farm Gansekraal, Sonderendrivier in 1775 and 8 December 1822 respectively.
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