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Surnames D to G


Johann Jacob GREYVENSTEIN (Greiffenstein, Greevenstein, Gravenstein, Greyestein). He was born 20 March 1726 at Klein Umstadt, Hesse, Germany. He was the son of Johannes Nicolaus Greifenstein and Anna Helena Vogel. He arrived 1759 on the ship Kronenburg at the Cape as a soldier of V.O.C. He became a mason and received burger rights in 1762. He got married on 30 July 1769 at Cape Town to Sophia van de Kaap, an emancipated slave who called herself Sophia KLUYSMAN. In 1793 he and his wife were reprimanded for their bad mode of life.

b1 Geertruyda Barbara Kluysman (illegitimate daughter of Sophia), X 25 Jan 1789 Johannes Spamer
b2 Johann Jacob = 20 Aug 1769, X 11 Nov 1789 Johanna Maria Louw, XX 3 Aug 1805 Heyltje Magdalena de Beer
b3 Helena Catharina = 26 Apr 1772
b4 Johanna Jacoba = 2 Oct 1777 (daughter of Johanna Regina Roelan), X 15 Jul 1798 Johannes Rolleman
b5 Johanna Antonio = 16 Nov 1777, X 22 Jul 1798 Dirk Schnibben
b6 Abigael Aletta = 20 Aug 1780, X 16 Feb 1800 Johann Philip Obermeyer, XX 1 Nov 1818 Andries Beck

He died 22 December 1793

J Hoge, Personalia of the Germans
SAG vol 2

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