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Ramon GUTIéRREZ came to South Africa from Spain in 1907. He was born in Burgos, Castile and León , Spain in 1872. He was the son of Pedro and Eulala (Née GARCIA). He was a diamond miner. He came to South Africa in the time when diamond mining was at its high in Kimberley, South Africa. The surname means” The son of Walter” He married Maria TAPIA. She was born in Spain in 1870 and died of Asthma on 30 April 1923 in Cape Town, buried in the Maitland Cemetery. There is a discrepancy between the tombstone and the death notice about her birth year.

Ramon and Ramon had the following children:

b1 Esperanza * 22 May 1901, † 24 September 1996, X Daniel Bernard THERON ( * 2 December 1908, † 17 August 2001) Esperanza, sometimes used her mother’s maiden name, TAPIA as a second name.

b2 Dolores * 1905, † 1958 x 4 February 1924 in the magistrates office, Cape Town, Norman Cable STOFFBERG ( * 19 March 1903, † 01/14/1994). They were both in the Sales force team of Mercantile. Norman sometimes went by the name Norman Joseph STOFFBERG.

b3 Alejandro * 12 May 1908 x 3 January 1931 Matthew CIARAVINO ( * 1907) a Sea Captain in Cape Town. She sometimes was called Alexandra.

b4 Eugenia * 18 July 1910, X on 20 July 1929 William James IZATT (* 1904), the son of James and Catherine (Née ROBINSON), XX 6 February 1946 John ASTLES, a handyman. According to her father’s death notice her surname was MARSHALL. (Maybe a third marriage)

b5 Jose Luis * 1915, † 1974. X 2 May 1945 Ella Johanna Louw STEENKAMP, a nurse. Jose was a factory worker. Jose had sometimes used a third name Maria in correspondence. He even substituted Jose for Joseph in official documents. Ella was the daughter of Johannes Gerhardus Albertus and Hester Catharina (Née BURGER).

Ramon re-married after his wife Maria’s death to a lady named Ellen, in 1931. They had no children. Ramon was also known as Raimundo.

Ramon GUTIERREZ the Spanish ancestor of the Gutierrez family in South Africa died on 12 February 1950, due to inflammation of the heart muscle, in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa. He was buried in the Stellawood Cemetery, Durban, Natal. South Africa.


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