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BRUYNS Andries

and his brother Jacobus P, it has been suggested that they came from Amsterdam, yet Read suggests that they came from Germany. He was born about 1684. Arriving at the Cape on 4 September 1704 on the ship Die Liefde. He arrived as a soldier. He was also one of earliest silversmiths at the Cape. He married on 4 November 1714 Anna Elizabeth BOCKELENBERG, she was daughter of Johannes Bockelenberg and Magdalena Zaayman. They had three children:
b1 Johannes baptised Cape Town 24 Oct 1717, X 24 Aug 1738 Margaretha du Plooy, wid Jacob de Vries
b2 Engela baptised 7 Jul 1720
b3 Jacobus baptised 19 March 1724

Andries died May 1729 and was buried in the Groote Kerk. His wife remarried 6 November 1729 Johannes Ernst Heger. Anna married again on 13 July 1738 Jan Jurgen de Wit

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