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BOK Christiaan

Christiaan BOK was from Wolfenbütel, North Germany. He was 27 and a soldier when he arrived at the Cape in 1696. He came out with Geringer and they became business partners. He had the following children with ex-slave Anna van BENGAL also known as Anna GROOTHENNING. She and her child Anna was baptised 1 January 1713. They got married 5 February 1713.

Anna Groothenning came as a slave from Bengale and became the slave of the baker Hans Casper Geringer. Geringer had a child out of wedlock with Anna, this child was born in 1703 and was called Maria Groothenning / Maria Bock / Maria van die Kaap. In 1709 Anna Groothenning and her four children Michiel, Maria, Catharina and Johanna were manumitted 27 August 1709 by Geringer.

Anna Groothenning and her children were baptised on 1 January 1713 in Cape Town. Geringer and Christaan Bok were business partners.

b1 Michiel Bok baptised 17 March 1702, X 2 July 1719 Elisabeth van der Poel
Maria born 1703, her father was Geringer. Maria herself had an illegitimate son by Nicolaas Bruyns. She later married Thomas Eysman
b2 Catharina born 1705, married at age 13 on 27 February 1718 Estiene Gous.
b3 Johanna born 1708 (later known as Anna), when she was fourteen years old she married Andries Bester on 13 February 1724, thus becoming the stammoeder of the Bester family
b4 Christiaan baptised 8 July 1714 never married
b5 Clara born in 1716, at age 15 she married 4 February 1731 Johan Jurgen Fuchs (also known as Vos), XX 1 August 1756 Gideon Slabbert

Bok died in 1716. Anna Groothenning also had children with Hans Caspar Geringer, a girl named Maria. Geringer passed away in 1719.

Anna then had an affair with Jacob Marik, she had a son who was born 6 March 1718 named Jacob baptised 6 March 1718. Marik and Geringer had some legal cases against one another.

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AM van Rensburg

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