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Surnames A to C

ANDRESEN Deteloff Nicolaas

Deteloff Nicolaas * ANDRESEN  son of Hans Jurgens and Maria LORENTZ was born on 15 Jan 1843 in Germany. He died  on 13 Jan 1898 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS. He was buried  in Bloemfontein President Brand Cemetery, OFS.

Deteloff married Catharina Maria LENSCH . Catharina was born on 3 Sep 1842 in Germany. She died  on 4 Dec 1902 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS. She was buried in Bloemfontein Old Cemetery, OFS.


b1. Deteloff [Etlieff] Julius born about 1868 in Denmark. He died  on 14 Apr 1945 in Fordsburg dist, Johannesburg, Transvaal.  The cause of death was Peretonitis. He was buried in Johannesburg West Park Cemetery, Transvaal. Deteloff was employed as a Tailor. Etlieff never married.

b2. Johannes ANDRESEN born about 1868 in Germany dist. Johannes was employed as a Butterine maker.

Johannes married Wilhelmine BERG . Wilhelmine was born about 1870 in Germany dist.


                 (girl) ANDRESEN died  on 9 Aug 1895 in Cape Colony.

b3. August born on 7 Nov 1877 in Dresden dist, Germany. He died on 8 Nov 1927 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal, Pretorius Str, Arcadia.  The cause of death was Stomach Cancer. He was buried  in Pretoria West Cemetery, Transvaal.

August married  Elizabeth Margaret ROBERTSON  daughter of John ROBERTSON and Theresa Jane CHITTON on 25 May 1904 in Pretoria St Andrew's Church, Transvaal. Elizabeth was born on 20 May 1880 in Cape Colony. She died  on 31 Jan 1935 in Pretoria Arcadia Nursing Home, Transvaal. She was buried  in Pretoria West Cemetery, Transvaal.


c1. John Edward born on 24 Jul 1900. He died  on 29 Apr 1961 in Sabie Hotel, Sabie dist, Transvaal. He was buried in Johannesburg Braamfontein Crematorium, Transvaal.

John married (1) Rhoda Ultima DE BEER  on 30 May 1921 in Pretoria Marriage Court, Transvaal. The marriage ended in divorce.They were divorced on 4 Jan 1934 in Pretria dist, Transvaal.

Rhoda was born on 14 May 1900. She died on 21 Nov 1958. She was buried  in Barberton Historical Cemetery, Transvaal.


Jean married MATHEWS .
Esme married VAN STADEN .
Renee married MATHEWS .
Robert Arthur born in 1923. He died in 1994.

John married (2) Amy May BARSDORF  on 12 Jul 1940 in Pretoria Marriage Court, Transvaal. Amy was born on 21 Jan 1898 in Transvaal dist. She died  on 26 Jun 1974 in Glenashley dist, Natal.

c2. Catharina Winnifred born on 27 Feb 1905. She died on 5 Jul 2000 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal. She was buried  in Pretoria West Rebecca Street Cemetery, Transvaal.

Catharina married Nicolaas Jan Valkenberg VAN DRUTEN  son of Johannes Hermanus VAN DRUTEN and Sarah Sharp Sleigh SMUTS on 5 Nov 1927 in Pretoria St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Transvaal. Nicolaas was born on 12 Jun 1898. He died on 16 Jan 1989 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal. He was buried  in Pretoria West Rebecca Street Cemetery, Transvaal.

c3. Ernest George born on 15 Jul 1909. He died in 1984.

Ernest married (1) Doris Olga LINSCOTT  daughter of Claude Oswald LINSCOTT and Margaret Elizabeth AMM on 3 May 1936 in Pretoria St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Transvaal. Doris was born on 25 Jan 1916. She died  on 17 Oct 1971 in Johannesburg dist, Transvaal.

CHILDREN:Anthony - Bruce Ernest - Richard

Ernest married (2) Joan Inez SOUTH  daughter of Benjamin Francis SOUTH and Beryl Eileen after 1971. Joan was born  on 19 Sep 1921. She died in 1990.

c4. Elna Jessie Theresa born on 27 Nov 1911.

b4. Catharina Maria born on 1 Oct 1888. She died on 16 Dec 1962. She was buried  in Stellenbosch Onderpapegaai Main Cemetery, Cape Province.

Catharina married Herbert George FISK . Herbert was born about 1875 in West Hendon, London, England. He died  on 12 Aug 1953 in Paarl dist, Cape Province, 'Muldersvlei'. He was buried  in Bloemfontein Memoriam Road Cemetery, OFS.

Walter Holder:
Bit of an oddity here. Both listed as being born in Germany, yet Germany didn't exist as a single country in the 1840s. It would have been Bavaria, Prussia or some such. I guess the family couldn't ascertain where, resources such as we have now not being available back then.
E Janette Joubert:
The unified German Empire (Deutsches Reich) was proclaimed on 18 January 1871.
The use of "Deutschland" for the country was well-established by the time this gravestone was carved & erected, 1902 or soon after.

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