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BOOLSEN Waldemar Emilius Anton Johannes

Waldemar Emilius Anton Johannes BOOLSEN  "'Antoon'" was born in 1856 in Rensburg dist, Germany. He died  on 28 May 1922 in Edenvale dist, Germiston, Transvaal. He was buried in Edenvale Old Cemetery, Germiston dist, Transvaal.Waldemar resided in 1887 in Middleburg dist, Transvaal, 'Grootlaagte'. He was a Farmer in 1889 in Middleburg dist, Transvaal, 'Roodehoop'. He resided in 1890 in Sterkstroom dist, Transvaal.
Waldemar married Anna Sophia Maria Christina SWARTS on 09 May 1887 in Middleburg Marriage Court, Transvaal. Anna was born in 1868 in Standerton dist, Transvaal. She died on 31 Dec 1940 in Germiston dist, Transvaal. She was buried in Germiston Primrose Cemetery, Transvaal.


b1. Christoffer Jurgens Johannes was born on 27 Feb 1888. He was christened on 02 May 1889 in Middleburg Holy Trinity Parish, Transvaal. He died  on 13 Jan 1906 in Potchefstroom dist, Transvaal, 'Vyfhoek'.  The cause of death was Enteric Fever, Heart Failure. Christoffer was a Grain Farmer in 1906 in Potchefstroom dist, Transvaal, 'Vyfhoek'.

b2. Heila Magdalena Magrita was born on 02 Nov 1889. She was christened on 06 Apr 1890 in Middleburg Holy Trinity Parish, Transvaal.
Heila married Daniel Alexander NEL  on 24 Jan 1911 in Potchefstroom Neder Geref Church, Transvaal. Daniel was born in 1883 in Cape Colony.

b3. Adam was born on 10 Sep 1891 in Natal. He was christened  on 21 Nov 1891 in Trichardtsfontein Neder Geref Church, Standerton dist, Transvaal. He died  on 04 Aug 1958 in V.O.R. Hospital. The cause of death was Congestive Heart Failure.
Adam married  Anna Sophia Catharina Maria WILLEMSE  on 28 Aug 1917 in Watervalshoek Neder Geref Church, Heidelberg dist, Transvaal. Anna was born in 1901.

b4. Waldemar Emilius Antonie was born on 16 Sep 1893. He died on 21 Apr 1931.

b5. Jacob Francois was born in 1896. He died on 28 Oct 1944.

b6. Henriette Christine Maria was born in 1897 in Standerton dist, Transvaal.
Henriette married (1) James Frances DEARLOVE  on 22 Dec 1914 in Germiston Wesleyan Methodist Church, Transvaal. James was born in 1888. He died on 28 Dec 1931 in Afrikaner Gold Mine, Klerksdorp dist, Transvaal.
Henriette married (2) John FERGUSON . John was born in 1874. He died on 13 Oct 1953 in Germiston dist, Transvaal, 'Klipfontein'.

b7. Olof Emilius was born in 1898 in Pietermaritzburg dist, Natal. He died on 15 Oct 1934 in Athone Nursing Home, Germiston, Transvaal.
Olof married Johanna Jacoba REYNEKE  on 05 Oct 1920 in Germiston Marriage Court, Transvaal. 
Johanna was born on 06 Dec 1902 in Wakkerstroom dist, Transvaal. She died on 19 Oct 1955. She was buried in Primrose Cemetery, Germiston, Transvaal.

b8. Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger was born on 07 Dec 1904 in Standerton dist, Transvaal. He died on 11 Jul 1933 in Edenvale dist, Germiston, Transvaal.
Stephanus married Anna Elizabeth HATTINGH  on 15 Dec 1931 in Germiston, Transvaal. Anna was born in 1903 in Alice dist, Cape Colony.

b9. Linius Alexander was born on 06 Oct 1907. He died on 30 Sep 1970. He was buried in Geduld Springs old Cemetery, Transvaal.
Linius married Johanna Jacoba NN.

b10. Anna Sophia Maria Katrina was born on 18 Oct 1909. She died in 1969.
Anna married Charles Henry BARKLEY  on 23 Oct 1926 in Krugersdorp Apistolic Church, Transvaal. The marriage ended in divorce.They filed for divorce in 1940.
Charles was born in c.1903.

b11. William Francis was born on 13 May 1912. He died on 08 Aug 1957 in Primrose, Germiston, Transvaal.  The cause of death was Brocho-Pneumonia. He was buried in Primrose Cemetery, Germiston, Transvaal.
William married Theunissina Johanna DE BEER  on 25 Jun 1937 in Germiston Neder Geref Church, Transvaal. Theunissina was born c. 1909. 

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