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The VOC Legacy in Australia

The VOC had no intentions in establishing settlements, their purpose and interest was trade.

A number of VOC ship's shipwrecked along the Australian coast: Batavia 1629, Vergulden Draeck 1656, Zuytdorp 1712, Zeewijk 1727

It is believed that a number of people survived the Zuytdorp tragedy and the ship's survivors may have been assimilated into the local Aboriginal community.

A number of VOC Governors-general, are recalled in place names in Australia, which the Dutch navigators gave to these places:

Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)
Maatsuyker Island
The Gulf of Carpentaria
Vaderlin island

Other place names which are in use today which stems from the VOC include the following place names: Arnhem land, Nieu-Holland (Australia), Groot Eylandt, Tasmania, Houtman Abrolhos, Geelvink Channel, Cape Leeuwin, Point Nuyts, Cape Wessel, Wessel island, Duyfken Point, Cape Keer Weer, Cape van Diemen, Rottnest island, Pelsart island, Zeewyk channel, Dirk Hartog island, Zuytdorp point, Vlaming Head, Maatsuyker group, Nieu-Zeeland (New Zealand), Nieu-Guinea (New Guinea)

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