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VAN WYK Elisabeth

Elisabeth van WYK, a Lysbeth was baptised on 29 August 1683 at Cape Town. According to JA Heese in Familia, xiii, 1976 no. 4, p103. her mother was Anna Pieters. According to Margaret Cairns Familia XII, 1975, no 3 p 57, two brothers, Willem and Arie VAN WYK came to the Cape in 1678: "either could have fathered Elizabeth but no evidence exists that they did so. Everything about her origins is purely speculative and her true parentage remains a mystery". "Considering the naming pattern followed in Dutch families, namely that the second son bears the name of the mother"s father, there is a possibilty that Matthys von Wielligh was so named for this reason and that Elizabeth"s father was a Matthys van Wyk or a Matthys with an unknown surname."

JA Heese "Nogmaals van Wyk" Familia XIII no 4, 1976 p 103, gives the following information on Elizabeth VAN WYK:
There was a Lysbeth that was baptised 29 December 1683 at the Cape, and the mother was Anna PIETERS. Heese mentions that the witness at the baptism was Juffrou Coen, the very same day Juffrou Coen was also the witness for the slave Maria LOZEE"s child, Jacobus STEYN (he was the progenitor Jacobus Steyn).

Heese also refers to the birth of Elizabeth VAN WYK"s child Aeltje on 2 March 1699. The father was Jan Lambert Myburgh. the witnesses were Christiaan Boerous and Constanty VAN DE CUST. Heese suspects that Elizabeth VAN WYK thus had non-white connections, most likely Indian. We need to find out more about who Christiaan Boerous was.

When applying the homogeneous principle then it is very likely that Elizabeth"s ancestry came from India.

On 28 January 1703 a child Hendrik was baptised and the mother was Helena van Batavia, the witness was Anna Pietrsz

There is a baptism entry for Clasijke on 12 July 1705 "een kind van Apollonia ende getuige Jan Wijik ? en Jannetjie van Wyk"

There is an entry for a child named Arent and baptised 6 Augustus 1705 "van Arent d. Mallebaar en Maria van Nagepatnam ende getuijge Jan Hendrikse van Eleve en Lysabeth van Wyk"

Elisabeth had a relationship with Joost Pieterse van DYK born in Ysenberg, Vlaandere. She started having a relationship with Nikolaas van Wielligh in 1706. She later married him on 21 August 1718 Nicolaas van WIELLIGH.

She had an illegitimate daughter Christina Matthys born c 1700, her father is unknown. This daughter married Badenhorst.
Her third child was baptised Willem van Dyk 21 Jan 1701 (bapt date from Cairns)
Johannes van Dyk baptised 14 January 1705 , the father was Joost van Dyk
Margaretha von Wielligh baptised 17 July 1706
Matthys von Wielligh baptised 6 October 1709
Nicolaas von Wielligh baptised 25 October 1711
Jacobus von Wielligh baptised 1 April 1714
Johanna von Wielligh baptised 3 May 1716
Hermanus von Wielligh baptised 14 August 1718. Elizabeth got married to van Wielligh soon afterwards

Elizabeth died in 1720

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JA Heese "Nogmaals van Wyk" Familia XIII no 4, 1976 p 103
Heese and Lombard

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