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Written by Administrator on Thursday, 04 March 2010 16:31. Posted in Guidelines

Many South Africans whose ancestors lived at the Cape are part of one big extended family. The custom of referring to seniors as "oom" or "tannie" is not just out of respect but in deed reflect the reality of our close familial bond and the small collective genetic pool. South African Stamouers / progenitors came from Africa, Europe, Asia and other places. Some were VOC workers, free settlers, Huguenot, Slaves and Indigenous. This web page provides the following information -

If you would like to help with the 'Stamouers' project then submit an article, here are some submission guidelines. Any corrections on posted 'Stamouers' are welcomed. Submissions are invited in either English or Afrikaans. It will then be placed on the web page in the language in which it was submitted. We can't vouch for the accuracy of the information.

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